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Sadasiva Brahman, Guru of Thayumanavar

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Thayumanavar was now soul-free; he kept himself aloof from home affairs. He gave away a part of his wealth to his son and another part to charitable endeavours and a third part to the temple, keeping for himself the wealth of divine Grace. The time was ripe; the Master came one day when he was meditating before the vast sea near Vedaranyam. Thayumanavar fell at his feet crying:

"Master, by Thy Grace, I am free to follow Thee. Bless me with Thy Grace. Let me enter the high plane of superconscious trance. Let my being thrill with the nectar of immortality"

The words uttered by the Master were woven into hymns and became the Philosophy of the Silent Sage.

The Master graciously looked at the ripe soul and said,

"My darling, your psychic being is ripe enough to receive that yoga.

"My son, hear from me the ancient wisdom taught by Sri Mula and Satyadarsi and sing it to humanity.

The world of manifold appearances is the multiplicity of one Divine Energy.
It is a play in five acts,
creation, preservation, destruction, self-absorption and salvation.
The play is kept going on by the Cosmic-Force,
at the Will of the Witnessing Lord God is All-in-all,
all-blissful, allcontaining and impersonal.
Grace is His personality.
He is omnipotent, omnipresent.
He is the Life of lives,
the Thinker in the brain,
the Feeler in the heart,
the Seer in the eye,
the Hearer in the ear,
the Breather in the lungs
and the Speaker in the tongue.
He does everything through His Grace
and remains an unattached Witness,
far beyond the world of modes and dualities.
He is as He is.
Just as rays spread from the Sun and give light and warmth to the world,
Grace radiates from the Divine and plays as the world.
There is no language without the first vowel A;
there is no world without God's Grace.
He is the unique One;
there is nothing to be compared with him.
He has no birth, no death.
His Grace descends into purified souls.
Such souls, are lights that lead us godward.
Embodied creatures have the taint of egoism, lust and delusion.
They are tied to the results of good and bad acts.
The mundane world emanates from the Divine Will
and evolves from the lowest inertia
to the highest superconsciousness
according to the results of acts.
The sower reaps the fruit of his seed.
The field is as it is.
Just like husk which covers rice,
dirt which stains copper,
salt which is in the sea water,
the three stains of egoism, delusion and action are in the soul.
These form an impression in the mind
and the soul departs with it to another birth.
Freedom means freedom from these triple stains.

The body is the mechanism of the Mayashakti, the illusive Force of multiplicity.
The Divine Grace, holds the Soul like a magnet which holds a piece of iron.
The soul which is conscious of the Divine Grace, enjoys peace, bliss and freedom.
The soul identifying itself with the mental-vital-material body
suffers bondage and the pangs of birth and death.
The mirror cannot reflect forms without light.
The soul cannot act without Grace.
The soul by the force of the Grace behind it,
rules as a king over the body,
with the mind, intellect, emotive mind and egoism as its ministers.
Waking, dream, deep sleep, trance, supertrance
are the five states of soul-consciousness.
In the superconscious trance, the soul feels its identity with the Divine and attains divinity.
The Jiva then enjoys Shivahood.
The sun causes seasons, day and night;
but it is quite separate from them.
Even so Atman is separate from the mind and its modifications.
The soul must feel this
and be conscious of its eternal unity with the Divine.
This conscious living in the Divine is Life Divine.

The Divine Grace transforms life into love and love into bliss.
That Grace descends in the form of Consciousness.
The ordinary physical eye cannot see the Divine.
The inner eye alone can subtly feel the Divine presence in the soul.
The mind is internalised and concentrated in meditation,
With unflagging patience, forbearance, faith and constancy
the aspirant must practise meditation.
Purity of the heart and one-pointed fixity of the mind enables meditation.
As the soul detaches itself from mental modifications, it approaches the Divine Centre.
Then Grace takes possession of the pure soul and reveals the Divine presence.
The soul must become red-hot in the Divine flame.
Then it becomes a shining gold
and at last a crown of divinity.
The first step is mental purification and concentrated devotion.
The next is constant meditation and inner fixity.
By this the soul feels its at-one-ment with the Divine, the Quintessence of its being.
Then it sees the same Divine essence in the universe of beings.
From self-consciousness, the soul widens into cosmic consciousness.

"Dear one, keep these in mind and renounce everything for the sake of Divinity.
Take a pearl-diver-s plunge into the heart.
Be centre in and there is the Divine Light to lead you on.
Go hence to Chidambaram:
Meditate upon Lord Nataraja, the symbol of perfect Divine Truth.
Worship Him daily, with hymns and he will lead you on ! Shivoham !"

The Divine Master, then initiated the faithful disciple in superconscious trance, poured his energy into him and watched his progress for a few days before he disappeared.

Thayumanavar received the words of the Guru with all the sincere devotion of a true seeker. expressing his deep gratitude in sublime verses. Then he went to Chidambaram

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Sadasiva Brahman, Guru of Thayumanavar

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Thayumanavar remembered the words of Sadasiva Brahman and he practised inner Silence as well as outer. The mouth would not open for words and his mind for thoughts. At this juncture he met another (1743 ) time near Mana Madurai the Silent Brahman and received his blessings. The Brahman wrote a famous book called Atmavilas which pleaded for perfect silence and solitude and aloofness in utter renunciation. This book was explained to Thayumanavar. Thayumanavar wrote many poems in the light of Atmavilas. Sadasiva said in it,

"Live not in the crowd of men; run away to solitude.
Shun the lure of the opposite sex as if you were eunuch.
Treat sense pleasures as poison.
Seek lonely places for self reflection.
Wander freely in the Hall of God, sky-roofed"

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