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Thayumanavar, Saint - Poet of India (1706 - 1744)

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You can control a mad elephant;
You can shut the mouth of the bear and the tiger;
You can ride a lion;
You can play with the cobra;
By alchemy you can eke out your livelihood;
You can wander through the universe incognito;
You can make vassals of the gods;
You can be ever youthful;
You can walk on water and live in fire;
But control of the mind is better and more difficult.

Thayumanavar, Saint - Poet of India (1706 - 1744)

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Limitless indeed are the bounds of desire.
Well may they be rulers of all land.
Yet will they aspire to be master of all seas;

Well may they possess hoardes of gold
To rival heavenly midas, King Algesan,
Yet will they wander about seeking the alchemic secret
Of turning base metal into gold.
Well they may have lived a life full of years,
Yet will they pine in search of Kaya-Kalpa, the Elixir of Life;

When you come to think of all these things in depth
They but end in eating full and sleeping well.
Enough is enough!

Grant me that Mindless Pure State
Which prevents me from the restless pursuit
Of ''I'' and ''Mine''
Driving me in confusion from pillar to post.

Oh! Thou who filleth all visible space
In unbroken continuity!
Thou, the Bliss that is Perfect Full!

Thayumanavar, Saint - Poet of India (1706 - 1744)

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Are not the deep oceans contained without banks?
Did not the halahala poison turn into ambrosia?
Was not the Northern Fire *[1] contained in that Sea?
Are not the countless Orbs held in position in Spaces vast?

Was not the Mount Meru bent as a bow?
Did not the Seven Clouds flee at the command
of the mace bearing celestial King Indra?
Did not the Woman (Sabari) that lay dead as stone
re-live as a lovely damsel at the touch of Rama's feet?
Have not the miraculous siddhis been made possible
in this world through gems, mantras, etc
Is it then impossible for you to devise a trick
That can make my accursed mind to stop wandering?
Oh! Thou who filleth all visible space
In unbroken continuity!
Thou, the Bliss that is Perfect Full!

[1] A submarine fire dwelling in the seas which will create the final conflagration ending in the dissolution of the world.

Thayumanavar, Saint - Poet of India (1706 - 1744)

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To have reached the state of impassivity that holds
''Let them come that come,''
''Let them go that go,''
The mind but remaining to witness them.

To have received the inspiration
For attainment of wholesome Truth
In the tradition of Vedanta-Siddhanta Equability (Samarasa);
To have been taught the wisdom's way
Of the truth of body's impermanence;
To have been gifted with a heart that melts in love
Holding that the permanent state of bliss is liberation true -
All these are but by Thine Grace.

If only Thou have a little thought yet more to protect me,
Who hold to Thee as the Refuge,
O! Thou grant me firm the continuous silentness
That the elements five comprehend not.

Oh! Thou who filleth all visible space
In unbroken continuity!
Thou, the Bliss that is Perfect Full!

Thayumanavar, Saint - Poet of India (1706 - 1744)

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Who was it that converted my heart
Into a chamber of darkness
And then shortened my reason
Into a tiny spark
And submerged that reason by desire?

Who was it that decreed that
As the writing of fate on my head?
Who was it that
Without caring for attainment of Jnana-Bliss-Trance
Made me believe in the permanency of the body bag
And so to indulge in eating and sleeping?

Was it my desire that gave me my father, mother
And all the rest of worldly ties?
Shall I blame my own self, or others?
Shall I blame the present bad actions
Or the past karma for all this worldly bondage?
Forsooth I know nothing of Truth
Oh! Thou who filleth all visible space
In unbroken continuity!
Thou, the Bliss that is Perfect Full!

Thayumanavar, Saint - Poet of India (1706 - 1744)

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The Maya into which the elements subside
Is the origin of all, so some say. *[1]
The Substance into which the sense organs merge
Is the reality, so some say. *[2]
Where the cognitive organs, the karanas end,
Is the finite reality, so some say. *[3]

Where the gunas find their home
Is the Reality ultimate, so some say *[4].
Nadam it is, some say *[5]
Bindu it is, others say *[6].
The Self it is, yet others say *[7].
Formed it is, some say. *[8]
Formless it is, if you search deeper, so some say *[9].
The state where jiva merges losing identity in full
Is the reality, so some say *[10].
Divine Grace is the finite reality, so some say *[11].
The Void that neither beginning nor end has
Is the reality final so some say *[12].
And thus and thus yet other things they say.

By all these, except that my mind sore troubled,
Reaches a mercurial state.
Will I ever attain
The bliss of Transcendental Samadhi?
Oh! Thou who filleth all visible space
In unbroken continuity!
Thou, the Bliss that is Perfect Full!

[1] School of Niriswara Sankhya
[2] School of Pasana Vadins
[3] School of Sangranda Vadins
[4] School of Niganta Vadins
[5] School of Sabda Brahma Vadins
[6] School of Jnananma Vadins
[7] School of Ekanma Vadins
[8] School of Sivasama Vadins
[9] School of Maya Vadins
[10] School of Bhaskara Charya
[11] School of Aikya Vada Saivas
[12] School of Sunya Vadins

Thayumanavar, Saint - Poet of India (1706 - 1744)

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What I do is what You do.
For ever ever is this true.
What I am is what You are,
None different.
This the truth of Vedanta -
Siddhanta Samarasa;

To realize this,
How I pined and melted
Thine Grace knoweth.

In this state I seek to be for awhile.
But, alas! Ignorance seizes my thought
As an inveterate enemy.
Will mala, maya and karma depart?
Will birth in uninterrupted succession be my lot?
Thus is my mind in doubts tossed.

Do Thou grant the sword of faith.
Do Thou grant the courage of wisdom true
To sever the fetters of desire.
Do Thou grant thy Grace and redeem me!
Oh! Thou who filleth all visible space
In unbroken continuity!
Thou, the Bliss that is Perfect Full!

Thayumanavar, Saint - Poet of India (1706 - 1744)

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The Cosmos and the countless universes vast
Are but diverse manifestations of maya.
That maya is an illusion persistent;
This knowledge is there.

And cognizing the knowledge beyond that knowledge
Will be realized:
That the luminous orbs in directions eight
Are but the gift of Grace Divine;
And nothing but that.
That to stand here
Filled with the bliss of turiya consciousness,
Devoid of I and mine,
Is love divine.

''Nothing seen is real; all, all, false'' -
Thus contending
To sit for a moment, eyes closed, in contemplation,
Organs rendered actionless, I strive;
But the accursed karmas assail in hordes!

Will I crave for the title that
I belong to the coterie that holds
The ancient karma as decisive supreme?

Oh! Thou who filleth all visible space
In unbroken continuity!
Thou, the Bliss that is Perfect Full!

Thayumanavar, Saint - Poet of India (1706 - 1744)

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When you come to think of it,
Even Brahma and the rest of the gods are powerless to act on their own.
Even those who habitually observed a calm demeanor
And were sparing of words,
And who built up the reputation
As acme of gentle behaviour
Sometimes do fly into a temper, losing all balance
And breathing hard, indulge in sudden outbursts.

Even those who were reputed as men
That are masters of expression
Sometime miss the central point
And blabber at will.

Even those who vowed
That they would not have a wink of sleep
On the Holy Night of Siva,
Fall into a twilight sleep,
Waking and waking not.

When thus, you come to examing
The activities that go on in the myriad worlds,
Are they not really all
Of Thine own willing?

Oh! Thou who filleth all visible space
In unbroken continuity!
Thou, the Bliss that is Perfect Full

Thayumanavar, Saint - Poet of India (1706 - 1744)

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All visible life that is clothed in body vesture
All that crawl, walk, fly and have their being
All, all that nature in propagative urge created
Will perish.

The elements mighty will die away one after another.
What will remain is: the vast Empty Space,
Unsupported, unrelieved Void,
Theupasanta that is peace beyond understanding
The jnana of Veda-Vedanta,
The mighty Light that leaves not.

Of them that receive it
Are the souls blessed with Grace.
Great indeed are they;
Born they will never after be;
Nor dead be;
But in silentness steeped remain.

And this Thou came in compassion to tell me.
Is this not a sign that I am ripe for it?
Oh! Thou who filleth all visible space
In unbroken continuity!
Thou, the Bliss that is Perfect Full

Thayumanavar, Saint - Poet of India (1706 - 1744)

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' Pervasive Supreme '


To know the Self
And to stand holding Grace
As the sole support
Is the way to know Thee,
Oh Para Param!

Thayumanavar, Saint - Poet of India (1706 - 1744)

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That which is Nondual,
That which is the unique Light of Word,
That which the scriptures loud proclaim:

As the Wisdom of Wisdom
As the Bliss that fills
As the Primal One,

As the Ancient One of Tattva *[1]- Form -
That which faiths contend after,
That which is sought for support,
That which is Permanent,
That which is Fullness,
That which is without support,
That which is our support,
That which is Peace,
That which is the state of Void,
That which is Eternal Pure,
That which is untouched by the materiality of the universe,

That which is unaffected by events,
That which is Changeless,
That which shines as impassive neutrality,
That which is Blemishless,
That which is Formless,
That which is in thought
Without thought cognizing it,
That which is Divine Light Effulgence,
That which is Uncreated,
That which flourishes in the jnana void,
That God Supreme,
Let us in meekness worship.

[1] - Tattvas are the basic principles of existence - 96 in all, 36 internal and 60 external.

Thayumanavar, Saint - Poet of India (1706 - 1744)

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Countless the habitats lived,
Countless the names borne,
Countless the kith and kin possessed,
Countless the bodies by karma caused,
Countless the Karmas daily perfomed,
Countless the thoughts entertained,
Countless the name and fame acquired,
Countless the heaven and hell experienced,
Countless the Gods worshipped,
Countless the faiths followed -

And so, realising through jnana and grace
Our God of turiya form *[1]
The Divine Cloud that pours the rains of limitless rapture
Descending through the dome of heaven
And through the love-filled eyes of fervent devotees,

Who chant the names countless
That scriptures countless recount,

The Treasure vast of silentness
That Wisdom Bliss of inexplicable state,
That Immensity

Let us in meekness worship.

Thayumanavar, Saint - Poet of India (1706 - 1744)

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Form It hath none;
Formlessness It hath none;
Interior It hath none;
Exterior It hath none.
Deviation from Order It hath none;
Attributes it hath none;
Qualities It hath none;
Fullness It hath none;
Fractionality It hath none;
- One It is - thus the scriptures say.

Pure It is;
Spacious It is;
Lofty It is;
The Life in Jnana Void It is;
The precious Prize sought after
By men of spiritual Knowledge It is;
To end in smoke, fire - consumed, It is not;
Destroyed in water immersed, It is not;
Wafted by wind and tossed into motion, It is not;
Killed in fight, It is not;
Of one unchanging nature It is.

Neither as 'he', nor as 'she', nor as 'it'
It is;
It moves in beauty;
None knowing Its state real.
Neither is It darkness;
Nor is It light;
All within It art contained;
The Primal One It is;

Neither Real It is;
Nor Unreal It is;
Adored by worlds all It is;
When Brahma and the rest
Losing their wits
Fell into faiths and whirled,
They in repentance begged of Grace
For the indescribable world Maya
To be dispelled;
From out of the mass of knowledge
That is Self-discarding,
Arose the Knowledge True as one;

Comprehensible It is not, as Two;
Divisible It is not into parts;
Alike It is in movables and immovables;
That which fills Eternity;
That which surpasses Thought;
That which is the Auspicious,
That which is the Bliss-embodied
That Supreme Being
Do thou seek and know.

Falling precipitous
Into the evils of youthful maiden,
Filled with vicious thoughts,
Fainting like the trapped deer
Losing firmness of speech;
And getting into the business
Of drinking the nectar of their mouths;
And listening to their sweet speech day in and day out;
And bedecking their tresses with far lands diverse,
Buzzing like striped bees
Around the lotus of their breasts,
Exulting in the tinkling music of their anklets
Listening to it in earfull cadences
The nostrils inhaling the fragrance of the fine
turmeric cosmetics,
Kissing their feet and bearing them on the head
- Thus in deep passion steeped;
Alternating between confusion and clarity
Forgetting the heavenly goal entire;
The tidal waves of Love-God swelling;

Encompassing the "love-wound",
Exciting it full with fingering
And saying "Sweet indeed is this coition"
And in the acts of pleasure swooning;
Thus in the love act daily waxing;

While the dazzle of the countenance like the moon waning;
And unto a monkey's the body in wrinkles growing;
Aging fast, disease rapid invading
Inaction setting in,
Cough persisting, intake of food diminishing;
Eyes their lustre losing;
Countenance its gleam fading,
The kith and kin outside the house
In revolt shouting;

And thus,
When the Dark Death arriveth,
Who Thine is Thy Refuge, O Heart!

Thayumanavar, Saint - Poet of India (1706 - 1744)

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O Perfection-Fullness
That came in Guru-Form,
Filled with Knowledge Supreme
And replete with Grace Divine!
Thou, who stood as undivided One!
Thou, of blemishless Form Pure!
Undiminished Being ever Thou art;
An Ocean of goodness Thou art;

Thou art the Beginning;
Thou art the End;
Thou art the bliss;
Thou art the Light;
Thou art the Truth;
Thou art the Endless Being First;

Out of Thy Divine Grace
Thou created the earth and the rest of worlds;
Out of the four birth-sources (1)
Thou created the seven life genera; (2)
And that the species may multiply,
Thou created bodies
From atom to mountain;
And Time, from moment to aeon;

And as their past Karmas deserve
Thou created the conditions for the life-mass to live
Even for awhile,
Albeit they have knowledge none of their own
And helpless they art so.

Whatever bodies in which they were born,
They are happy to be; and wish not to part;
Towards that end Thou instilled
The love instinct in them and fostered growth;
Thou make them feel
Their body is they;
Thus were they filled with ignorance
As knowledge seeming.

Thou fixed Time, Karma and Order (Niyati)
And hell and high heaven too
In impartiality to reach;

In endless love Thou established Faiths innumerable,
That they might pursue the four ends, (3)
Dharma, Artha and the rest.

And then as Guru Thou Knowledge imparted;
Each Faith contending
Their own stand as the u__l__t__i__m__a__ __t__h__u__l__e__;
And thus arose disputations and scriptures numerous

In all these Thou invariant stood
Beyond, and aloft the Faiths;
The Celestials all, and the Munis too
Their own selves they offered
Praying for Thee to accept them in Grace in return
Thus they handkered for Thee;
And Thou showed them the blemishless Jnana;

And to me who hath Jnana none,
It is for Thee to show
Thy Compassionate Grace.

[1] Egg, sweat, seed and wombs.
[2] Celestials, humans, animals, birds, reptiles, aquatic life, and plants.
[3] Virtue, Wealth, Love, Liberation.

Thayumanavar, Saint - Poet of India (1706 - 1744)

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" Rejoicing in Bliss "

He is the Beginning;
He is the Beginningless;
He is the Bliss;
He is the Knowledge
He is the Light;
As a Silent One He appeared;
And spoke a word unspeakable
O, Maid! (Chorus) *[1]

[1] Chorus: Sankara, Sankara, Sambhu, Siva, Sankara, Sankara, Sankara, Sambhu)

Thayumanavar, Saint - Poet of India (1706 - 1744)

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" Book of Songs "

Thou, the Treasure,
That scripture-singers seek;
Thou, the Beauteous One
That danceth in the arena of Knowledge Supreme!

Thayumanavar, Saint - Poet of India (1706 - 1744)

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48. " The Wreath: Is There Not "

Is there not for me
A Lamp of Knowledge, O my Master!
That will dispel the thick pall of darkness
Which veiled everything from me?

49 " The Wreath: Should Thou Not "

Should Thou not have compassion for me,
When I have been adoring
All the time with folded hands
Whatever form I saw as of Thine?

50. " The Wreath: Goodly Wisdom "

Come, Wisdom Goodly!
Let us go and behold the eye-full Light
That is of limitless splendour
And is life of all life?

51. " Wreath: Mixed "

O my King! Have Thou not heard this?
Nothing there is of my doing;
The Tattvas congregated,
And constituting a sovereign territory
Danced as they willed.

Thayumanavar, Saint - Poet of India (1706 - 1744)

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45. " Wreath: When is the Day to be? "

When is the day to be
That I see
The cloud-throated One that danceth
With matted locks,
On which Ganga flows and the Crescent gleams!

46. " The Wreath: Will I See? "

Will I see thee
Enter my heart?
Thou ambrosia that satiateth not in thought?

47. " Wreath: "Will it Not Benefit Thee?" "

Will it not befit Thee
If Thou grant Thy Bliss
For the unlearned heart to melt?
O, Thou that can perform any act Thou wisheth!

Thayumanavar, Saint - Poet of India (1706 - 1744)

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" Green Parrot Wreath "

Exceeding far the beginning and end,
Will the resplendent heavenly light
In my knowledge shine?
Oh, Green Parrot!

" In the Stance That I Am "

Fix me Thou
Firm in the stance that I am;
Make it the rapturous state
Of Undifferentiated Trance;
Flood me with the indestructible Waters of Bliss
So it may again and again draw me unto Thee.

Thayumanavar, Saint - Poet of India (1706 - 1744)

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" Of The Wild Banyan "

If under the shade of the wild banyan tree
Oh God, what Thou instructeth the peerless Four
Is but the gesture of Thy hand,
Is it possible to teach then by words?
To do so
Would be to attempt to cross the foaming seas,
Floating on a flimsy straw.

" Wreath: Pervasive Supreme "

Thou art the Lord that ruleth
The earth and the rest of elements.
Of Thy Divine Grace art they,
Oh Para Param!

Thayumanavar, Saint - Poet of India (1706 - 1744)

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40. " Father, Mother "

Father, mother, children, wife,
Life, body and phenomenal world entire
All turned into a magic spectacle,
A dream, a mirage - waterspread,
The moment the Grace of the Silent One dawned.
What, what transformation is this!

41. " Only To Her That Gave Birth "

Only the woman that delivered
Knoweth the pangs of childbirth.
Will the virgin know it?
Only those who experienced Bliss Supreme
Will melt in tears and write in joyous anguish.
Those who have not
Possess but hearts of stone.

Thayumanavar, Saint - Poet of India (1706 - 1744)

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" The Lady Great "

Catching the wind
And closing it inside a mudpot -
Unto it
Thou placed me in the body mudpot
With nine disgusting orifices,
Sore immersed in the waters of karma.
And Thou loaded it full with rice
And held it fast.
And what availed it that I jumped and frisked about
Like the frothing toddy in the leather container?
Do Thou with Thy Grace irrigate
And firm fix the plant of jnana
As a transplanted seedling,
And guard it from the destructive cattle of senses
And the fire of death
And then distribute the harvest of Siva Bhoga.
Will Thou not do it and redeem me?
Oh! Thou, Lady that gave birth
To a million, million universes vast!
Thou, who resideth in Kapilai *[1] city.
Oh! Mother Periya Nayaki!

[1] Refers to Kokarnam in Pudukottah district.

Thayumanavar, Saint - Poet of India (1706 - 1744)

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" The Lady of the Universes "

If I but control my way the mind -
That massive elephant in mast
Which roams about in the chains of
The radiant prana breath that incessant circles
Long will I, this poor man, live here below,
To the praise of the wise, to wit:
''This man's yoga is verily the raja yoga,
That is dear to worlds three.''
Is any proof required for this?
Oh! Thou, Golden Swan
That is ready to bless Thy devotees
With the ecstatic fortune of worship
By titled heads in authority.
With the gift of epic poesy,
With the power of memory to chant the Four Vedas
And with the occult power to perform
The Eight miraculous Siddhis,
O, Thou who resideth in Kavai *[1]
Praised by millions in universes vast
Thou, Akilanda Nayaki!
Oh, my Mother!

[1] Refers to Tiruvanaikavu, near Tiruchirappalli.

Thayumanavar, Saint - Poet of India (1706 - 1744)

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" The Loved Damsel That Flourisheth in the Mountain "

Home, wealth, children, friends
All these, too, will there be for thee -
If thine thoughts center on the Feet
Of Mother that is conjoint with Him
Who is dark throated.
Oh! Thou, that is Pervasive Light of jnana bliss
That consumed faiths
As doth the ocean consumeth the rivers several!

Thou of nadanta form!
Of Vedanta silentness!
Thou tender vine
Of visage, comely as the moon
That destroyed my egoity
And absorbed my little knowledge
In Thine Great Knowledge!

Thou, the sister of Madhusudhana *[1]!
Oh! Daughter that was born
As the eye's apple of the Mountain King!
Oh! Malai Valar Kadali Uma Maiden *[2]!

[1] Vishnu, the Protector.
[2] This was addressed to the Devi at Rameswaram who bears the name Malai Valar Kadali,
literally meaning the "Loved damsel that flourishes in the mountain."

Thayumanavar, Saint - Poet of India (1706 - 1744)

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" Life-Eternal That is Truth-Knowledge-Bliss "

Thou createth all maya.
In a trice Thou destroyeth it, too.
With thought unending,
Forgetfulness forever ending,
Knowing neither going nor coming,
Thou, oh Holy One,
Immerseth, too, in Grace Bliss.
Oh, Life Eternal
That is Truth-Knowledge-Bliss!

" Life-Eternal That is Perfection-Bliss "

The wives of chaste thought
Seek none else than their spouses.
We, too, will think of God none else
Than Thou, oh, Lord,
Who granteth us the life of Bliss,
Of Thyself.
Oh! Life Eternal
That is Perfection-Bliss!

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