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Thayumanavar, Saint - Poet of India (1706 - 1744)

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" Of the Self "

By His Grace He teaches thou
To know thyself.
Yet thou liveth not,
Holding Him, the King, as the Being Supreme.
Oh! Thou, accursed heart!
What availeth it
That thou tempteth me and draggeth me after
Gold, land and damsels
Deeming them as objects true?

Thayumanavar, Saint - Poet of India (1706 - 1744)

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' In Firmness "Being Pervasive" '

It is Thy bounden duty
To protect me firm with Thy Grace -
Was it not thus thinking
That I adored Thee with folded hands?
No longer can I be tossed about
In the misery of accursed maya sea.
Take Thou, my life.
Oh! Thou, the Being Pervasive!

Thayumanavar, Saint - Poet of India (1706 - 1744)

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" Thayumanavar of Sivagiri Hills - Body Incarnated "

Is it not true that I gave Thee
This body I incarnated,
My wealth and my life - all the three,
Without keeping anything for myself,
The day Thou gave me the path of Mauna?
Yet, why then Thou sent me the maya
That made me dance in egoity
And blabber in ignorance?.
Why then Thou came to wipe my tears
And remove my sorrows?

Why Then Thou stopped
The flood of my desires?
Oh speak, pray speak
Thou, the Compassionate Being,
Thayumananava of Sivagiri Hills!

" Face Entire "

Face entire suffused with pearly tear drops,
Palms folded in adoration loving,
Heart in rapture melting -
Thus do men wise and good
Perform penance everywhere.
What shall I, so low, do?
Thou, who is the Source of Compassion
For all the world to be born?

Thayumanavar, Saint - Poet of India (1706 - 1744)

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" That Regretful State "

When thou art rid of impurities entire
My Father will bounteous give
The blemishless Bliss in fullness.
Enter thou not again and again
In the whirl of worldly ways distressing,
Oh, accursed heart!

" Forest and Plain "

What availeth it to run after mind monkey
That raceth fast through plain and forest?
This indeed is the opportune time
To love and seek the Grace
Of the Pervasive Light of Compassionate Grace
That danceth as the One, the many and the Life of life.
Come, come together, ye men of the world.

Thayumanavar, Saint - Poet of India (1706 - 1744)

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" Unreal Attachment to the Body "

If attachment to body is unreal,
What is the attachment to be that is real?
God's benign Grace, obviously.
Examine this deeply and see.
The one Word of the Silent One alone is Truth.
Hold onto it firmly and see.
All the rest is empty.

Thayumanavar, Saint - Poet of India (1706 - 1744)

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" Leaping Leopard "

Even as the calf is held out as bait
For the leaping leopard,
Unto it hath Thou placed me
As target for the cosmic mayic horde?
Whatever Thou ordaineth is allright with me.
Grant but Thine Grace Infinite,
Mother-like, to Thine devotees.
Thou! Being Uncreated!

Thayumanavar, Saint - Poet of India (1706 - 1744)

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25. " No Doing is My Own "

None the action that is my own.
All here art verily Thine.
My body, wealth and life I gave Thee.
Do Thou dispel all the impurities in my mind, my Lord.
Whatever Thou think proper,
Do Thou according grant.
That sure which is just and meet.

26. " The Magic Act on the Ground "

Like the breathtaking magic feat,
Performed on the ground,
Of piling in empty space,
Universes upon universes
With their cardinal elephants and all,
Is the wonder that He hath done
To make the countless orbs hang
In the infinite space of His Mercy.
Inestimable it is by anyone indeed.

Thayumanavar, Saint - Poet of India (1706 - 1744)

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" Desire that is so Known "

When the mind is tossed about like silk, cotton & wool
In the tempestuous wind of desire,
Untoward consequences follow:
All learning and listening become naught,
Aspiration and inclination for mukti flee,
The senses pursue their evil ways.
Alas for them!
Thou, the Pervasive God,
The radiant, ripe fruit of Grace!
Can God be attained
Without desire annihilated?

Thayumanavar, Saint - Poet of India (1706 - 1744)

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" The Unique He "

Himself inscrutable to anyone,
Himself by Himself filling everywhere,
Himself as the Spaces Vast
That imagination defieth,
As the Ambrosia that cloyeth not,
As the Radiant Lamp Effulgent -
Thus were Thou within,
Unknown to me.
My Lord! Will Thou not in future at least
Think of granting me
The state of Grace to attain Thee?

Thayumanavar, Saint - Poet of India (1706 - 1744)

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" Shiva's Will "

"All is by Siva's Will" -
This I realize not.
All the sinful thoughts
That day by day assail me,
I drive not away.
Swept into the flood of desires,
I am caught in that swirl
And there in vain I struggle
Gathering the tangles of repeated birth,
The sinner that I am!

Thayumanavar, Saint - Poet of India (1706 - 1744)

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" The Impudent "I" "

Seeing the insincerity of this impudent one,
Thou asked me:
''Do thou serve the celestial ones
That abound in Grace abiding?''
Ah! Thou, the Lord of celestials!
Is there a recompense for Thy kindly act?
Redeemed am I,
No more do I want now anything, my Lord!

Thayumanavar, Saint - Poet of India (1706 - 1744)

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Canto 20

" The Indescribable "

Thou, the Being Absolute beyond speech!
The Ocean of Bliss!
The Light Effulgent!
Leaving me in invincible maya,
Where did Thou hide?
Alas! Alas!

Thou have offered me
A victim to that dark God of Death.
So hard hearted is he
that easier far is it
to spin yarn out of stone
Then to expect mercy from him.
So tightfisted is he
That he would contain a whole sea
In a grain of mustard.

Oh! Why did Thou do this -
I know not.

Thayumanavar, Saint - Poet of India (1706 - 1744)

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" Veda "

In the highway of Veda
The horse of Agama wonderous trots.
Thou of the triple eye,
Dear unto me as the pupil of my eye!
The hand that gestures the why of all
And the form that is Thine -
These we have not seen
In our wisdom imperfect.
And so,
Remaining in this body and mind
Only until this life lasts
Am I entitled to adore Thee?

Thayumanavar, Saint - Poet of India (1706 - 1744)

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" Of Gold and Women "

Neither gold nor woman nor land will I seek.
Oh! My Lord of life that sought me,
Thee will I seek.
Thine Expanse Vast of Grace will I seek -
All, all alone.

Thayumanavar, Saint - Poet of India (1706 - 1744)

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" One Thought "

To be thinking not any thought
Is transcendental meditation they say.
That is the state of grace.
Grace comes from meditation.
It is the state of absence of self-consciousness.

The state of Grace kindles Bliss.
The nature of Bliss is Bliss itself.
Beyond it is nothing.
Only those who have attained that Bliss
Have become birthless.

All the rest is known
As wife, children, relations
And other tainted attachments.
In a word,
They are but expressions of desire.

Thayumanavar, Saint - Poet of India (1706 - 1744)

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15. " Nectar Squirting "

Oh! Thou, Four-Faced Deva *[1]!
Seated on the tender stalked crimson lotus
That squirts nectar abundant!

The cosmic maya that Thou had established,
Is it hare's horn or waters of mirage?

Or lotus of sky?
Or what is it?
Pray, speak!

[1] Brahma the Creator

16. " Many the Garlands "

Garlands many are there for Thy worship.
But those who have realized their selves
Knew Thy partiality for garland of songs.
And so the goodly souls in numbers sang Thy praise.
Knowing their excellence
I, too, the ignorant one, sang.
Tears flowing in continuous stream
I, your vassal, stood praising Thee ever.
Knowing my distress -
Beckon Thou to me saying, ''Come, come''
And unite me into Thee.
Thou, my Lord of compassion holy!

Thayumanavar, Saint - Poet of India (1706 - 1744)

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" Pervasive Cosmic Form -
Secret of the Intelligence of the Infinite Space "

Oh! Thou, the Protector of life
Of Thine dear devotees,
Who received the Cosmic Yoga Grace
Through the single word (OM)
And the Cosmic Form entire becoming total Bliss!
Oh! Thou the True Friend to me, too!

Unto the fragrance in the fullblown blossom
That opened its mouth as the musical cymbal,
Thou have pervaded the body and the rest of tattvas,
Radiant as the Mountain of Divine Bliss!

Thayumanavar, Saint - Poet of India (1706 - 1744)

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" Beauty of Knowledge Bliss-Dawn "

The leather bag holding rice,
Around which hover
Crows, cultures, ghouls, dogs and jackals;
The dance hall of the God of Love
That is raised on pillars two and gates nine;
The box that holds passion's rolls;
The ditch that overflows with triple impurities;
The slime infested with hordes of vile worms;
The storehouse of rotten goods smelling foul;
The mudpot that is transient unto the lightning flash
Which the Potter that chanted the Vedas fashioned,
And the ruffian, Death, breaks to pieces;
Am I to hold this total lie as truth
And droop low in this world?

Oh! Thou the Brahman that is unknowable!
The One that is Purity Perfection!
The Spaces Vast where dawns
The Knowledge that is Bliss!

Thayumanavar, Saint - Poet of India (1706 - 1744)

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" Siva That is Truth-Knowledge-Bliss "

Does this Earth and its sky take up space at all?
So staggering vast
Is the Expanse, Thou art!

Thou art the Self-Luminosity
That fire, sun and moon have seen not!

Thou art the Knowledge direct
Of all life in this universe and beyond.
Thou art All,
Thou art One,
Thou art Eternal,
Thou art Unattached,
Thou art Attributeless,
Thou art Pure Bliss
Beyond thought and word -
Thus Thou standeth unchanging.

Instead of sitting in quiescence
And attaining the Great Bliss,
I have sought the devilish mind
Like the infant that has lost its mother.
Is it to turn insane?

That I may not befriend that mind
Grant me the abiding gift
Of transcendant meditation of knowledge supreme.

Oh! Thou Sivam
That is Truth-Knowledge-Bliss!
The Cosmic Principle
That is Total-Fullness-Perfect!

Thayumanavar, Saint - Poet of India (1706 - 1744)

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Canto 10

~ ' The Pervasive Being ' ~

"Not an atom moveth without Him" -

If this great saying of the wise is realized,
Where then is knowledge?
Where then is ignorance?
Who are they that knew this?
Who are they that knew this not?
Who are they that in silentness sat?
Who are they that are loquacious like me,
My entire body turned into mouth?
Where doth the illusion, that is mind, come from?

Where is cruelty from?
Where is compassion from?
Why the creation of this universe?
Why the lordly functions arising therefrom?
Why these diverse elements?

Why truth and falsehood?
Why pleasantness and unpleasantness?
Why good and evil?
Why beneficient things to be?
Why the disasters to follow?
Why the patience and impatience?

Who are small?
Who are great?
Who are friends?
Who are enemies?
All, all none but Thee!
Oh! Thou the Pervasive Being
That is Life of life
Of this world and next!

Thayumanavar, Saint - Poet of India (1706 - 1744)

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" Ocean of Bliss "

Sweet ambrosia, ripe, rich fruit,
Treacle and candy of sugar and honey -
Thus Thou of Thyself gave me
The delicious joys sweet.

Constantly do Thy devotees melt in love and seek -
Their thoughts shaken, words broken,
Body exhausted, mind swooning,
Truly experience in their inner being
Thy Grace of heavenly love
So difficult to experience.

A maiden in time appropriate
Will hug the love of sex
Even if it be bitter as neem.

Thinking of the odd thoughts she entertained,
Before she met her lover,
She will laugh at herself in shame.

Unto it, if for this innocent fellow
That is truly obedient to you,
Thy Grace dawns,
Begun indeed is Bliss.

Oh! Thou, the Ocean of Bliss
That is Cosmic Light!
The Pervasive God
That is Attributeless Pure!

Thayumanavar, Saint - Poet of India (1706 - 1744)

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" The Pervasiveness that is Bliss "

How many the vices
The virtue of nonkilling dispels in me,
Whom nothing of that virtue is!
How many the horrors, the injustices,
The hard hearted cruelties,
How vast the barrenness of ignorance,
How overweening the pride, the hypocrisy of heart,

How deep the indifference
Even when the righteous path is shown!
How far, far astray from the path of Grace
Ordained for liberation!

How close the striving,
How restless the thinking
Of the cabals that aimless flourish.
How many the unwanted things
Thou have in my path placed
Like attachment to the body
That is illusory unto Indraja *[1]!
I , who have become Thy slave,
Should I be their slave too?
Oh! Thou, Param that is Bliss
Encompassing in Pervasive Fullness,
The Universes many and Spaces vast!

[1] Vide ante.

Thayumanavar, Saint - Poet of India (1706 - 1744)

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" The Siddha Elite "

You traverse with speed of thought
To the cardinal directions all
And to the farthest points in firmament's compass.
Yourself, a Virtue Mountain,
You reach the mighty Golden Meru *[1]
And sport in the distant poles
Like the valorous God that holds the discus *[2].
Even as the ceremonial sip of water before a meal
You can drink the roaring waters of the seven seas.

You can take Indra Loka *[3]
And the mighty Iravada *[4] elephant
And play with them like a ball.

You can reduce the Spaces Vast
To a tiny mustard seed
And show the Eight Primal Mountain Ranges *[5] beyond.
You can perform miraculous feats greater far.
For such as you,
Is it a feat to appear before this slave?
O! Thou of the Siddha Elite of Divine Light,
That have reached the Vedanta-Siddhanta accord high !

[1] A fabulous mountain said to be at the North Pole.
[2] Vishnu.
[3] The domain of the king of celestials.
[4] Indra's mount, a white elephant.
[5] These are said to be the girdles and supporters of the earth. They are variously nomenclatured by various authorities. One account mentions them thus:

1) Malayavam on the East 2) Gandhamedan on the West 3) Nishathe, 4) Hemattenda and 5) Himalaya on the South 6) Nila, 7) Sveda and 8) Sringa on the North of Meru. Another account gives as follows: 1) Kailas 2) Himalaya 3) Mandara 4) Vindhya 5) Nisheda 6) Hemakuda 7) Nilagiri 8) Gandhamalan

Thayumanavar, Saint - Poet of India (1706 - 1744)

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" God of Compassion Fullness "

"Oh! Thou:
Attributeless, Disease *[1] free, Blotless,
Supportless, Beyond Sense Perception,
Blissform, Immaculate, Formless,
Motionless, Beyond Speech,
Attachmentless, Eternal Free,
Uncreated, Beyond Cosmic Form,
Perfection Fullness, Void, Interminable,
Eternally Blissful, Jnana God,
Sambhu! Siva Sankara, Sarvesa!'' -
Will I thus think of thee forever and ever?

Oh! Thou Wonder beyond imagining!
The Nonduality that is Bliss Perfection
For liberated devotees!
The Mystery that is the unfailing Grace
Of Manifest (Svarupa) Presence!
Thou! Guru Holy,that was seated
At the foot of the wild banyan tree
With triple eyes for us to see,
Transcending imagination.
Thou, the God of Compassion Fullness
That dances in rapture in the chit sabha *[2]
Defying description!

[1] Disease means birth and death.
[2] Cosmic Arena of Divine Knowledge.

Thayumanavar, Saint - Poet of India (1706 - 1744)

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" Obeisance to Mauna Guru "

Fragmenting the chains of desire to smithereens,
Kicking off the stake of egoity,
Filled with the mast * of advaita,
Blowing out the six faiths
As in a stream through the proboscis,
Gazing intensely upward
Until the darkness of pasa became
A mere shadow underneath,
Swallowing the straying mind as balls of food
And feeding on it to the full.

Tearing the resplendent veil of maya to shreds,
Controlling by the shining goad of Chinmudra
Held in the hollow of Thy palm,
In the fragrant juice dipped
In the waters of chinmayananda bliss,
Filled with Grace Divine,
Thou brought me up as a jnana elephant
Of towering prescense!

Oh! Mantra Guru! Oh, Yoga Tantra Guru!
Mauna Guru that comes in the line of Mula the Holy!

* - rut of elephant

Thayumanavar, Saint - Poet of India (1706 - 1744)

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" Adoration to the God-Guru who is Knowledge-Bliss "

With flowers in out-stretched hand,
Hair standing on end in joyous thrill,
Eyes melting in love, tears streaming as a river -
Thus do I not immerse myself into the fervent Sea of Mukti.
And so hail Thee not as
''Oh! Sankara!
Oh! Swayambu! Oh! Sambu!''
And adore Thee not in faltering words of ecstatic joy;
And pursue not the path of Sanmarga.

When such indeed is my unholy condition
Will you ever accept me in Thy rapturous Grace?
With the holy munis, Sanaka and the rest,
Seated by Thine side in prayer,
Thou revealed the path indescribable by a singe word
And conferred the bliss of Svarupa *[1].
Thou, who is seated on the crimson lotus
At the foot of the wild banyan tree.
Oh! Thou, the Primal Source of Siddhanta Mukti.
Oh! Chinmayananda Guru! Dakshinamurthi *[2]!
That is seated high on the hilltop of Sivagiri. *[3]

[1] Nature
[2] Dakshinamurti - South facing Siva Guru, who is pictured as seated on a hilltop under the wild banyan tree, imparting supreme wisdom in silentness by His hand gesture chin-mudra to the four Rishis - Santha, Sananda, Sanatha, Sanathkumara.
[3] Sivagiri - Tirusira Hill - Tiruchirappalli Hill - Now known as the Rock Fort in the town of Tiruchirappalli.

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