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Vedic Hymns

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Where there is Yoga,
There is prosperity, success, freedom, and bliss.

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Vedic Hymns

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The Self, fulness and perfection, can neither be described nor rejected. It is a state of bliss and knowledge beyond words, having no day and no night. It is called nishtha by the Vedas.(15) The Self, complete in itself, is not something that can be caught hold of.

No amount of learning can teach one to give up the ego. The best course is to catch hold of what is real, without any support. He who is fully conscious is really God; He is the real nature of one's own true state. The experience is silence; it cannot speak.

They are truly great who live without the mind. Is there anything other than the Self? The state of sat-chit-ananda, alone is real. Those who are in nishtha, without any activity, they alone are realized.

It is sheer delight to speak of Lord Aruna, the light, who is beginningless and endless, unbroken, infinite space. It is sheer delight to say that Lord Aruna, the Light, is the source giving light to the sun, the moon and fire. The moment one realizes the Self by diving within, You become the face on the mirror. O personification of grace! What else needs to be known other than You who are omnipresent and who possess all?

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