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Jai Maha Lakshmi! ૐ

Namastestu Mahaa-Maaye Shrii-Piitthe Sura-Puujite
Shangkha-Cakra-Gadaa-Haste Mahaalakssmi Namostute ||1||

1.1: I Worshipfully Salute Devi Mahalakshmi, Who is the Mahamaya (the Primordial Cause of Creation); And Who is Worshipped in Sri Pitha (Her Abode) by the Devas.
1.2: (I Worshipfully Salute Her) Who is adorned in Her Beautiful Form with Shankha (Conch), Chakra (Disc) and Gada (Mace) in Her Hands; I Worshipfully Salute Devi Mahalakshmi.

Namaste Garudda-[A]aruuddhe Kola-[A]asura-Bhayangkari |
Sarva-Paapa-Hare Devi Mahaalakssmi Namostute ||2||

2.1: I Worshipfully Salute Devi Mahalakshmi Who is mounted on the Garuda, and Who is the Terror to Kolasura,
2.2: I Worshipfully Salute the Devi Who Removes All Sins (when we Surrender to Her); I Worshipfully Salute Devi Mahalakshmi.

Sarvajnye Sarva-Varade Sarva-Dusstta-Bhayangkari |
Sarva-Duhkha-Hare Devi Mahaalakssmi Namostute ||3||

3.1: (I Worshipfully Salute Devi Mahalakshmi) Who is All-Knowing (Knowing even our Innermost Thoughts), and Who Gives All Boons (When Her Compassion is Awakened); (I Worshipfully Salute Devi Mahalakshmi) Who is the Terror to All the Wicked (Destroying our Evil Tendencies),
3.2: (I Worshipfully Salute) the Devi Who Removes All Sorrows (When Her Grace is Awakened); I Worshipfully Salute Devi Mahalakshmi.

Siddhi-Buddhi-Prade Devi Bhukti-Mukti-Pradaayini |
Mantra-Muurte Sadaa Devi Mahaalakssmi Namostute ||4||

4.1: (I Worshipfully Salute) the Devi Who Bestows Accomplishments (When She becomes Gracious) and Intelligence (to direct our Lives properly with those Accomplishments); (I Worshipfully Salute the Devi) Who Bestows both Worldly Prosperity as well as directs our lives towards Liberation (Merging in Her Lotus Feet),
4.2: (I Worshipfully Salute) the Devi Who Always Abide as the Subtle Form of Mantra (behind Everything in Creation and Within our Hearts); I Worshipfully Salute Devi Mahalakshmi.

Aadya[i-A]nta-Rahite Devi Aadya-Shakti-Maheshvari |
Yoga-Je Yoga-Sambhuute Mahaalakssmi Namostute ||5||

5.1: (I Worshipfully Salute) the Devi Who is Without Beginning (Aadi) and End (Anta), being the Primordial Shakti (behind Everything); I Worshipfully Salute that Great Goddess,
5.2: (I Worshipfully Salute Devi Mahalakshmi) Who is Born of Yoga (out of the Great Consciousness) and Who is always United with Yoga; I Worshipfully Salute Devi Mahalakshmi.

Sthuula-Suukssma-Mahaaroudre Mahaa-Shakti-Mahodare |
Mahaa-Paapa-Hare Devi Mahaalakssmi Namostute ||6||

6.1: (I Worshipfully Salute Devi Mahalakshmi) Whose Power is present behind both Gross and Subtle Forms as well as behind the Most Terrible Form of Rudrani; (I Worshipfully Salute Devi Mahalakshmi) Who is the Great Womb of Mahashakti (from where every manifestation of Power arises),
6.2: (I Worshipfully Salute) the Devi Who Removes Great Sins from our Lives (when Her Great Power passes through our Lives and Cleanses us) (maybe during adverse circumstances); I Worshipfully Salute Devi Mahalakshmi.

Padma-[A]asana-Sthite Devi Para-Brahma-Svaruupinni |
Parameshi Jagan-Maatar-Mahaalakssmi Namostute ||7||

7.1: (After Her Great Power Cleanses us we feel the Peaceful Form of) the Devi Who is Seated on a Lotus (Lotus of Kundalini) (with a Gracious Face); And Who is abiding as the Supreme Brahman (behind all Impurities),
7.2: She is the Supreme Goddess and the Mother of the Universe; I Worshipfully Salute Devi Mahalakshmi.

Shveta-[A]mbara-Dhare Devi Naana-[A]langkaara-Bhuussite |
Jagatsthite Jagan-Maatar-Mahaalakssmi Namostute ||8||

8.1: (I Worshipfully Salute) the Devi Who is Adorned with White Garments (representing our Inner Purity); (I Worshipfully Salute the Devi) Who is Adorned with Various Ornaments (representing our Inner Beauty),
8.2: (I Worshipfully Salute the Devi) Who Abides within the Universe as the Mother of the Universe (directing our Lives and all Activities); I Worshipfully Salute Devi Mahalakshmi.

Mahaalakssmy-Assttakam Stotram Yah Patthed-Bhaktimaan-Narah |
Sarva-Siddhim-Avaapnoti Raajyam Praapnoti Sarvadaa ||9||

9.1: He who recites this Mahalakshmi Ashtakam Stotram with Devotion (surrendering to Her Power), ...
9.2: ... Will attain all Accomplishments (including final Liberation) and Prosperity (both Inner and Outer), always (when She Herself directs our Lives).

Eka-Kaale Patthen-Nityam Mahaa-Paapa-Vinaashanam |
Dvi-Kaalam Yah Patthen-Nityam Dhana-Dhaanya-Samanvitah ||10||

10.1: Reciting this Once Every Day (representing the first outcome) will Destroy Great Sins (first our gross Sins need to get destroyed by Her Power for the Purity to emerge),
10.2: Reciting this Twice Every Day (representing the second outcome) will bestow Wealth and Foodgrains (by our effort in the path of Dharma).

Tri-Kaalam Yah Patthen-Nityam Mahaa-Shatru-Vinaashanam |
Mahaalakssmir-Bhaven-Nityam Prasannaa Varadaa Shubhaa ||11||

11.1: Reciting this Thrice Everyday (representing the third outcome) will Destroy Great Enemies (including our powerful subtle Inner Enemies which form the final hindrance from progressing towards Liberation),
11.2: (Finally nearing Liberation with a Pure Mind we find) Devi Mahalakshmi in Her Eternal Gracious Form; In Her Eternal Boon-Giving Grace and Auspicious Presence (within us).

~ Mahalakshmi Ashtakam

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Wisdom of East

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Jai Shri Ganesha! ૐ


Implant in your intelligence the worshipful feet of Uma-Sankara’s son, the first-born, elephant-faced, elegant One with twin white tusks curved like the crescent moon. He is wisdom’s embodiment.


If you but utter Ganapati, our Lord’s name, the gaunt karmic ills that bind us fast will become loose; the Lord of Death himself will in submission raise his hands in worship. Therefore, dutifully utter daily Ganapati’s gracious name which will, without fail, your karmic bonds sever.


The bountiful Being who reigns over Vallivalam’s shrine, united with Uma-Mahesvari, the Mother of the Universe, manifesting in manifold forms, bestowed upon His devotees the elephant-visaged God in order to remove their obstacles and impediments and to confer His grace upon all who follow the eternal Saivite path.


Those who worship the redeeming feet of the single-tusked, elephant-visaged Lord of the heavenly hosts, who recorded with His tusk the Mahâbhârata battle upon the snowcapped hills of the Himalayan mountains, will gain great glory, attain their hearts’ desires and become freed from the fetters of karma.


Those who worship without fail the grace-granting feet of Ganesa with flowers fresh and fragrant shall acquire eloquence of speech and fruitful friendship—besides gaining the graceful glance of the lotus-seated Lakshmi’s eyes, which will ensure every human happiness on earth.


I shall offer to you, O Lord, the delicacies four: fresh milk, pure honey, cane sugar with cereals mixed, O elephant-visaged, bright-jewelled Lord of the Universe, if you will enrich me with the triple treasured Tamil tongue acclaimed by the ancient academies.


Vinâyaka cuts asunder the very roots of all human suffering and sorrow. Vinâyaka destroys all desires. Vinâyaka is Lord indeed of heaven and earth. Surrender, therefore, unto Him with hearts that melt with devotion.


Your words and deeds shall with success meet. Eloquence and eminence shall be your rewards. Therefore, worship Him even as the celestials raise their hands high in adoration and love of the elephant-visaged Vinâyaka, the matchless Lord.


O first-born son of Siva who adorns His head with sacred ashes, beloved of Umâsundarî, Kumâran’s companion, beloved of Hari! O dark-hued, elephant-visaged, elegant Lord of heavenly hosts, my divine guru, unto you, O Lord, I surrender myself. O matchless Lord! Embodiment of wisdom and all excellence—O portly Ganapati, unto your golden feet I surrender myself. O precious jewel bright! O heavenly light! O Lord of the universe, I surrender unto you.


You are indeed my father and mother both, my kith and kin—the infinite Lord, wisdom’s embodiment, substance of all sound and the Vedas four. You are indeed Hari and the lotus-seated Brahma, Sakti and Sadasiva, the triune beings. The dauntless destroyer of the roving cities three, that dared to defy you! You are the Lord of heaven and earth, devotion and its binding force, moksha and its meaning. O matchless Lord! My life is yours, and you are my sole support. But for your grace, friends I’ve none. O Indwelling Lord, I’ll speak only of your glory!


In order that, O man, the heavens and earth may prosper and thrive, the Vedic ways endure and the sacred Tamil tongue be renowned the world over, worship without fail the sagacious, five-handed, triple-eyed, elephant-visaged Vinâyaka of victory.


In order that your birth becomes free of its fetter and you attain with ease human perfection on earth, worship, O man, with devotion true the flower-like feet of the triple-eyed, elephant-visaged divine guru, Mahâganapati, who grants without fail all your wishes.

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Wisdom of East

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Saint Jnaneshwar ~ Shiva-Shakti

It cannot be spoken of or spoken to;
by no means may It be comprehended by the intellect.

It is that one pure Consciousness who becomes everything,
From the gods above to the earth below.

Objects may be regarded as high or low,
But the ocean of Consciousness, ever-pure,
Is all that ever is.

Though the shadows on the wall are ever changing,
The wall itself remains steady and unmoved.
Likewise, the forms of the universe take shape from Consciousness,
The eternal, primordial One.

Sugar is only sugar,
Even though it may be made into many forms.
Likewise, the ocean of Consciousness is always the same,
Though it becomes all the forms of the universe.

Various articles of clothing are made from the same cotton cloth;
Likewise, the varied forms of the universe are creatively fashioned
Of the one Consciousness,
Which remains forever pure.
Whatever form appears,
Appears because of Him.

There is nothing else here but the Self.
It is the gold itself which shines
In the form of a necklace or a coin;
They are made of nothing but gold.

In the current of the river or in the waves of the sea,
There is nothing but water.
Similarly, in the universe, there is nothing which exists
Or is brought into existence
Other than the Self.

Whether appearing as the seen,
Or perceiving as the seer,
Nothing else exists besides the Self.

Through Her,
The absolute Void became the primal Person (Purusha);
And She derived Her existence from Her Lord.

Shiva formed His beloved Himself;
And without Her presence,
No Person exists.

Because of Her form,
God is seen in the world.
Yet it was He Who created Her form of Himself.

When He embraces Her,
It is His own bliss that Shiva enjoys.
He is the Enjoyer of everything,
But there is no enjoyment without Her.

She is His form,
But Her beauty comes from Him.
By their intermingling,
They are together enjoying this feast.

Shiva and Shakti are the same,
Like air and its motion,
Or gold and its lustre.

Fragrance cannot be separated from musk,
Nor heat from fire;
Neither can Shakti be separated from Shiva.

If night and day were to approach the Sun,
Both would disappear.
In the same way, the duality of Shiva and Shakti
Vanishes, when their essential unity is seen.

Since He appears because of Her,
And She exists because of Her Lord,
The two cannot be distinguished at all.

When He awakes,
The whole house disappears,
And nothing is left.

They became two for the purpose of diversity;
And both are seeking each other
For the purpose of becoming one.

Each is an object to the other;
And both are subjects to each other.
Only when together do they enjoy happiness.

The lover, out of boundless love,
Has become the Beloved.
Both are made of the same substance
And share the same food.

Out of love for each other, they merge;
And again they separate for the pleasure of being two.

When sleep comes to an end,
Aman returns to his senses.
Now my individuality has come to an end,
And I have returned to Shiva and Shakti.

Salt gives up its salty taste
To become one with the ocean;
I give up my individual self
To become Shiva and Shakti.

When the covering is removed,
The air inside a plantain tree merges with the air outside.
And this is how I honor Shiva and Shakti,
By removing all separation and becoming one with them.

Out of Supreme love they swallow up each other
But separate again for the joy of being two.

They are not completely the same,
But neither are they different.
No one can tell exactly what they are.

How intense is their longing to be with each other.
This is their greatest bliss.
Never, not even in jest,
Do they allow their unity to be disturbed.

They are so averse to separation
That even though they have become this entire world,
Never for a moment do they let a difference come between them.

They created a difference to enjoy this world.
When that “difference” had one glimpse of their intimacy
It could not help but merge back
Into the Bliss of their eternal union.

They become two for the sake of a divine play,
But in every moment they seek to become one again.

How can we distinguish these two from each other?
He appears because of Her,
And She exists because of Him.

To capture light we take hold of fire.
To capture the Supreme Shiva
We must take hold of Shakti.

An object has a reflection:
When looking we see two images,
Yet there is only one thing.
Likewise, this world is a reflection of the Supreme Lord.
We may see two,
Yet only One exists.

Out of pure emptiness
She gives rise to the entire world.
Everything depends on Her.
Yet She exists only because of Her Lord.

Merged in unity, there was nothing to do.
So Shakti, the bringer of good fortune,
Created this world for the sake of divine play.

She reveals Her Lord's splendor
By melting Herself and becoming everything;
And He glorifies Her
By hiding Himself completely.

He is so mysterious and subtle,
That while apparent
He cannot be seen.
It is by Her grace alone that He comes into being.

While He is sleeping,
She gives birth to all that exists
And all that does not exist.
When She is sleeping,
He has no form at all.

He is hidden, and cannot be found without Her.
For they are mirrors, each revealing the other.

She is His very form,
But Her radiance comes from Him.
Blending into one,
They enjoy the nectar of their own union.

Shiva and Shakti are one,
Like air and the wind,
Like gold and its luster,
Shiva and Shakti cannot be separated.
They are like musk and its fragrance,
Like fire and its heat.

In the light of the Sun
There is no difference between day and night.
In the Light of the Supreme Truth
There is no difference between Shiva and Shakti.

I honor the union of Shiva and Shakti,
Who devour this world of name and form
Like a sweet dish.
All that remains is the One.

Embracing each other they merge into One,
As darkness merges with the light
At the breaking of dawn.

When we discover their Unity,
All words and all thoughts dissolve into silence,
Just as when the Universal Deluge comes,
The waters of the ocean, and those of the Ganges,
Merge into one…

The air and the wind will merge into the endless sky;
The sun and its light will merge into the Universal Fire.

With a true vision of them,
The seer and the seen merge into one.
Again, I honor the two who are one.

They are like an ocean of knowledge.
And only those who throw themselves in,
Can drink of their waters.

I appear separate from them
Just so I can honor them.
But that separation is not real,
It is only in name.

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Om Namah Shivaya! ૐ


O Arunachala! Stupefying me, as if with magic powder, Thou hast taken away my intelligence and shown me Thy wisdom.

The soul's intelligence is in fact, no intelligence; it is nescience. It is ignorance posing as knowledge. Hence, its removal is difficult. Only God's Grace can help to remove it. Grace can work wonders like magic powder. The magician strews some wonder powder on the patient; the patient loses his initiative and will, and becomes an instrument in the hands of the magician. He no longer sees with his own eyes; he sees with the eyes of the magician. Similarly, the Lord who is the greatest magician (mayin) overpowers the devotee-soul with His magic spell, grace, so that the soul may have her ignorance, which is mistaken as intelligence, destroyed. When this is done, God's wisdom, which is the supreme knowledge, is revealed to the soul. Here, there are not the distinctions of seer, seen, sight and object. This knowledge is not a modification of the mind. It is Pure Awareness (chin-matra) which is God, the Self.


O Arunachala! In the common space, where there is neither going nor coming, show me the battle that is waged by grace.

The common space here spoken of is the limitless nondual Reality, Brahman. The ether of the heart is a symbol for it. Here, there is no bondage, no duality, no birth, no death. It is the region beyond transmigration. Brahman is the Infinite, unlimited Reality. Since there is no duality there, there is no question of going and coming. Birth and death, and all change can belong only to individuals. But there is no individualism in Brahman which is one only, without a second (ekam, eva, advitiyam). Gaining this Brahman is the goal of life.

How is it to be gained? By battling against and conquering plurality, or the notion of plurality and its cause, nescience. This battle can be successfully waged only with the help of God's grace. The devotee-soul here prays for a sight of this battle royal between the darkness of ignorance and the light of wisdom, the success of the latter assured with the help of divine grace, which is only another name for wisdom.


O Arunachala! Rid of the attachment to the body made of the elements, let me ever behold Thy splendor and be united with it through Thy grace!

What conditions the soul and makes it limited is its attachment to the body. The body and the mind are products of the elements which constitute the not-self. On account of nescience the soul thinks, 'I am the body; the body is mine'. It is this false identification that involves the soul in transmigration. When this false identification is removed, the soul realizes its true being in the non-dual Reality, Brahman. Brahman is sat, chit, ananda, the supreme splendor. The soul is the same splendor apparently imprisoned. When this imprisonment is removed through grace which is the same as knowledge, the soul realizes the truth of non-duality.


O Arunachala! When Thou dost administer medicine for delusion, why should I (continue to) be deluded? Be Thou resplendent as the Gracious Hill of Medicine!

Delusion, ignorance, is the cause of bondage. That is the basic malady from which the soul suffers. God administers the cure for this malady. He is Himself the physician (bhishak) and the medicine (bheshajam). That being so, why should the soul despair? The ultimate Reality in the form of the Aruna Hill is the supreme medicine for the soul's illness. The mere thought of it will cure the root disease of bondage.

Alternative meaning of the words: malaimarun didani malaittidavo: Thou who hast the Daughter of the Mountain (Parvati) on Thy left side! Why shouldn’t Thou shrink from administering the medicine that will cure the disease of delusion?

~ Arunachala Aksharamanamalai

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Q. Would you call a person a Buddhist who has merely been born of Buddhist parents?

A. Certainly not. A Buddhist is one who not only professes belief in the Buddha as the noblest of Teachers, in the Doctrine preached by Him, and in the brotherhood of Arhats, but practices his Precepts in daily life.
Q. What is Karma?

A. A causation operating on the moral, as well as physical and other planes. Buddhists say there is no miracle in human affairs: what a man sows that he must still reap.
Q. What other good words have been used to express the essence of Buddhism?
A. Self-culture and universal love.

Concerning the Four sights and how they impacted the Buddha:
26. Q: Why should these sights, so familiar to everybody, have caused him to go into the jungle?
A. We often see such signs. He had not; and they made a deep impression on his mind.
27. Q: Why had he not also seen them?
A: The astrologers had foretold at his birth that he would one day resign his kingdom and become a Buddha. The King, his father, not wishing to lose his son, had carefully prevented his seeing any sights that might suggest to him human misery and death. No one was allowed even to speak of such things to the Prince. He was almost like a prisoner in his lovely palaces and flower gardens. They were surrounded with high walls; and inside everything was made as beautiful as possible, so that he might not want to go and see the sorrow and distress that are in the world.
28. Q: Was he so kind-hearted that his father feared he might really want to sacrifice himself for the world’s sake?
A: Yes; he seems to have felt for all being so strong a pity and love as that.

55. Q. Why does ignorance cause suffering?
A. Because it makes us prize what is not worth prizing, grieve for that we should not grieve for, consider real what is not real but only illusory, and pass our lives in the pursuit of worthless objects, neglecting what is in reality most valuable.
56. Q. And what is that which is most valuable?
A. To know the whole secret of man’s existence and destiny, so that we may estimate at no more than their actual value and this life and its relations; so that we may live in a way to insure the greatest happiness and the least suffering for our fellow-men and ourselves

~ Henry Steel Olcott's "Buddhist Catechism", 1881

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By seeing Chidambaram, by being born in Tiruvarur, by dying in Kasi, or by merely thinking of Arunachala, one will surely attain Liberation.

~ Arunachala Mahatmyam

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You cannot win the fight you are in, not because you are not powerful, but because you are fighting with something that doesn't exist.

There is no question of winning here because you have already lost in the very choice you made to fight. Even if you win, it is irrelevant. Unless you can answer what have you won against, it doesn't really answer.
There is no fight in existence. That's why existence is mystical. Science cannot be mystical because science questions. Science seeks reason. Anything that has a reason is ordinary. It cannot come close to the realms of that which has no causation or reason to it.

You are not a mystic because there is yet fight in you. You cannot be without the fight. Even the non violence people are in fight because they constantly fighting against fight.

A mystic is someone who just wonders and does not demand an answer. A mystic says "how vast is the universe!" And a scientific person also asks "how vast is the universe?"

The only difference is that the mystic's question ends with a ! And the ordinary scientist's question has a ?

The whole existence is mystical and you remain aloof with the mind. Because the mind questions, the mind creates fight. With a no mind you become existence and hence you also become a mystic.

A mystic wouldn't have a problem calling himself and you also a mystic because he knows that you are indeed a mystic too...

When the whole existence is bathing in mysticism, how can you be not a mystic but you are just standing aside for a while.. Not willing to bath. It's ok... So he can declare you too as a mystic... Because he knows.

but you would have problems with someone calling himself a mystic and obviously you wouldn't believe him calling you a mystic too... and that's the fight that I was refering to. That's the fight you have within yourself. It is your problem.

These questions hanker you and cloud the mystic behind it. It doesn't just stop you from seeing the mystic in me but It also stops you from seeing the mystic within yourself.

Trascend all the resistance in you. Turn the ohm into aum. Ohm creates resistance. Aum creates acceptance.

Acceptance makes you a mystic. Acceptance of yourself. Acceptance of others. Acceptance of everything around. Acceptance of the peace. Acceptance of the fight too.

When you accept the seemingly polar opposite truths, they basically loose their control over you. They cannot choose you anymore. Only you choose them.

When for the first time you can choose, a mystic is born.

~ Chanshi Acmo

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However deep your
Knowledge of the scriptures,
It is no more than a strand of hair
In the vastness of space;
However important appears
Your worldly experience,
It is but a drop of water in a deep ravine.

~ Tokusan

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"What a shame to have been born a human being and to spend your whole life worrying. You should reach the point where you can be happy to have been born a human."


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You are worried about death?
Do not worry - you will die for sure.

Kodo Sawaki

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A session of twenty-four minutes is a good starting interval; for most people, it is neither too short nor too long ... and this is the session duration that the eighth-century Indian Buddhist contemplative Kamalashila recommended for begining meditators.
(Minding Closely: The Four Applications of Mindfulness By B. Alan Wallace p.33)

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Jñāna is divine wisdom emanating from an enlightened being, a soul in its maturity, immersed in Śivaness, the blessed realization of God, while living out earthly karma. Jñāna is the fruition of yoga tapas. Aum Namaḥ Śivāya.
The instinctive mind in the young soul is firm and well-knit together. The intellectual mind in the adolescent soul is complicated, and he sees the physical world as his only reality. The subsuperconscious mind in the mys­tically inclined soul well perfected in kriyā longs for realization of Śiva’s two perfections, Satchidānanda and Para­śiva. Through yoga he bursts in­to the super­con­scious mind, experiencing bliss, all-knowingness and perfect silence. It is when the yogī’s in­tellect is shattered that he soars into Paraśiva and comes out a jñānī. Each time he enters that unspeakable nirvi­kalpa samādhi, he returns to consciousness more and more the knower. He is the liberated one, the jīvanmukta, the epitome of kaivalya—perfect freedom—farseeing, filled with light, filled with love. One does not become a jñānī simply by reading and understanding philosophy. The state of jñāna lies in the realm of intuition, beyond the intellect. The Vedas say, “Having realized the Self, the ṛishis, perfected souls, satisfied with their knowledge, passion-free, tranquil—those wise beings, having attained the omnipresent on all sides—enter into the All itself.” Aum Namaḥ Śivāya.

~ Dancing with Śiva, by Sivaya Subramuniyaswami c~

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“What form His devotees desire, that form itself the Lord takes;
What name His devotees desire, that name itself the Lord takes;
In what manner the devotees desire Him
And stand thinking of Him with unwinking eyes,
In that manner itself does the Lord of the Discus present Himself.”

~ Poihai

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“A clue to the secret nature of the nectar: we produce it in the inner still of the pineal gland, but only when the mind is in stillness. Our organisms are designed to manufacture endogenously the entheogenic decoction that brings about the realization of immortality, if we give the right commands to the higher centers of our brain. This involves engaging seriously in the yogic processes of tapasya (which refers to the fire of yoga—the heating of the brain fluids through concentration and meditation, and the consequent morphing of our brain chemistry into molecular substrates of ecstasy), tyaga (which means both sacrifice and secretion—of endorphins and entheogens that maintain our lived reality of blissful presence), and swatantriya (freedom of the will—fearless transcendence of ordinary levels of consciousness that enable the letting go of all resistances to the shift from mortal mind to immortality).”

~ Shunyamurti

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“Love and Shivam, there exist two things, say the fools.
Love is Shivam, that nobody understands.
When everybody realize that Love is Shivam,
they sit in love as Shivam.”


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"Through Yoga he bursts into the superconscious mind, experiencing bliss, all-knowingness and perfect silence. It is when the yogi's intellect is shattered that he soars into Parashiva and comes out a Jnani. Each time he enters that unspeakable nirvikalpa samadhi, he returns to consciousness more and more the knower. He is the liberated one, the Jivanmukta, the epitome of kaivalya-perfect freedom-far-seeing, filled with light, filled with love. One does not become a Jnani simply by reading and understanding philosophy. The state of jnana lies in the realm of intuition, beyond the intellect. The Vedas say, "Having realized the Self, the Rishis, perfected souls, satisfied with their knowledge, passion-free, tranquil-those wise beings, having attained the omnipresent on all sides-enter into the All itself."

~ From Himalayan Academy archives

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Wisdom of East

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Be attached to Him, who is without attachment.
Hold on to that attachment.
Then only will you be able to leave other attachments.

~ Saint Thirvalluvar

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Wisdom of East

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The human frame is mere earthenware,
Bake it with the flame of Yoga-fire.

~ Gheranda Samhita

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Wisdom of East

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Ode to Sri Ramana Maharshi:

Eternity has worn a human face,
Contracted to a little human span,
Lo, the immortal has become a man,
A self-imprisoned thing in time and space.

~ Harindranath Chattopadhyaya

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Wisdom of East

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“Hinduism has proven much more open than any other religion to new ideas, scientific thought, and social experimentation. Many concepts like reincarnation, meditation, yoga and others have found worldwide acceptance. It would not be surprising to find Hinduism the dominant religion of the twenty-first century. It would be a religion that doctrinally is less clear-cut than mainstream Christianity, politically less determined than Islam, ethically less heroic than Buddhism, but it would offer something to everybody. It will appear idealistic to those who look for idealism, pragmatic to the pragmatists, spiritual to the seekers, sensual to the here-and-now generation. Hinduism, by virtue of its lack of an ideology and its reliance on intuition, will appear to be more plausible than those religions whose doctrinal positions petrified a thousand years ago.”

~ Klaus L. Klostermaier

“India has come to preserve spiritual traditions which many ancient cultures and countries have lost. Today Hinduism represents not only India but the ancient wisdom of humanity. In Hinduism many ancient countries can still rediscover their religious past, their old Gods and their old spiritual

~ Ram Swarup

“It is, indeed, a remarkable circumstance that when Western civilization discovers Relativity it applies it to the manufacture of atom-bombs, whereas this Oriental civilization applies it to the development of new states of consciousness.”

~ Alan Watts

“Jesus Christ knew he was God. So wake up and find out eventually who you really are. In Western culture, of course, they’ll say you’re crazy and you’re blasphemous, and they’ll either put you in jail or in a nut house. However if you wake up in India and tell your friends and relations, ‘My goodness, I’ve just discovered that I’m God,’ they’ll laugh and say, ‘Oh, congratulations, at last you found out.”

~ Alan W. Watts

“It is already becoming clear that a chapter which had a Western beginning will have to have an Indian ending if it is not to end in self-destruction of the human race. At this supremely dangerous moment in human history , the only way of salvation is the ancient Hindu way. Here we have the attitude and spirit that can make it possible for the human race to grow together in to a single family.”

~ Arnold J. Toynbee

“The Hindu has an extraordinary power of combining dogma and free thought, uniformity, and variety. Utmost latitude of interpretation is allowed. In all ages Hindus have been passionately devoted to speculation. It is also to point out that from the Upanishads down to the writings of Tagore in the present day literature from time to time enunciates the idea that the whole universe is the manifestation of some exuberant force giving expression to itself in joyous movement.”

~ Sir Charles Eliot

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Wisdom of East

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If you realize the Atman, you will get eternal satisfaction. Therefore search within your own atma and then you will attain eternal bliss. There is no pleasure in objects, it is all imagination. Sense pleasure is tantalizing, but the moment you obtain a desired object, it loses its attraction, almost instantaneously! Have Satsanga. Practice "Who am I" enquiry. DO japa, meditation, study vedantic literature and observe silence at least an hour every day. Nothing in this impermanent world can give supreme , lasting bliss. The pleasure of this world is only in the womb of pain and it is yet another name for pain. Remember that he who is removed from sensual contacts, he who abides in the bliss of his own Self by the practice of meditation attains eternal bliss.

Practice meditation and reach the goal, even with faltering steps. You may fall down a hundred times but try to stand up again. Plod on, march forward, again and again practice vichara. Reflect, discriminate and enquire. There may be many obstacles because you have to fight against old samskaras. The fight is long and protracted. It may last till the end of your life. Be a dheera, an adyatmic hero, for to carry on this adhyatmic battle you must have patience, the patience of a bird, which wanted to empty the ocean with its beak, or the patience of that man who wished "to empty the ocean with a blade of grass." You will have to pay a heavy price because the fruit is immortality and eternal bliss!

- From " The Voice of Babaji : A Trilogy on Kriya Yoga " page 439

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Wisdom of East

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Truth is One, although men call it variously. The secret of success lies in starting the day aright. Leave the bed with a sublime thought, a noble feeling in your heart. You will go to bed that night with the satisfaction of a day well utilized. Only he who starts his day in the spiritual way knows success, joy, prosperity, progress and good health.

- From " The Voice of Babaji : A Trilogy on Kriya Yoga " page 452

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Wisdom of East

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Sitting meditation means formal seated Zen meditation. Everybody understands what that is. But we must always keep a very wide view of meditation. If you keep a mind that is clear like space, then everything is meditation. There is walking meditation, chanting meditation, eating meditation. When your mind is clear like space, then your mind is not moving as situations constantly change. At that point, when you see, when you hear, when you smell, when you taste, when you touch, and when you think, everything is meditation, because everything is clearly reflected in your not-moving mind, just as it is.

- The Compass of Zen, by
Zen Master Seung Sahn, page 269

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Wisdom of East

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With the infinite universes as our home, everything is a single family. Everything is equal and everything is perfect and complete.

And our original buddha nature makes us replete with perfect wisdom and virtue. It would hardly do justice even if everything throughout the universes joined in a single voice to sing praise at the sight of this loftiness and magnificence.

The twinkling stars in the sky and the rolling waves on the clear blue sea are all our siblings. There isn't a soaring bird or crawling bug, ferocious beast or gentle creature that isn't family. Tiny mice and crafty cats, slithering snakes and frolicking frogs all live in the same home as single family, and it is a scene that is magnificent to behold.

One of the great historical heroes of the West, Napoleon wound up alone in a distant sea; and Chin Shi Huangdi, the builder of the first Great Wall of China who was determined
to rule forever, soon wound up as nothing more than a flickering candle.

To those of you who foolishly run about with dreams of great
riches and power, open the eye of the heart and take a look at your original buddha nature.

The Buddha is Confucius father, and Confucius is the Buddha’s father. You can find Jesus in Lao Tzu and Lao Tzu in Jesus. They are all a harmonious family in which there is no room for bickering and arguing.

Ven.Tong Songchol (1912~1993), also SeongCheol, one of the great Zen masters in the last century was also called the ‘Living Buddha of Korea’

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Wisdom of East

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Holika, the sister of Hiranyakashipu, was blessed in that she could not be hurt by fire. Hiranyakashipu puts Prahlāda on the lap of Holika as she sits on a pyre. Prahlāda prays to Vishnu to keep him safe. Holika then burns to death as Prahlāda is left unscathed. This event is celebrated as the Hindu festival of Holi

The story of Prahlāda teaches that:

Faith in God is paramount.

God will always prevail.

God saves his devotees.

Devotion can be practiced at any time. Age does not matter.

Evil will be punished.

God is omnipresent.

Prahlāda eventually becomes king of the daityas and attains a place in the abode of
Vishnu (Vaikuntha) after his death.

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Wisdom of East

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“Renunciation is not giving up the things of this world, but accepting that they go away.”

~Shunryu Suzuki

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