----- You are the answer -----

Oh there are things that you have to give up physically also.
If you find you’re on drugs, you drink too much, if you have bad habits, you have to work on yourself to an extent.
You work on yourself by practicing self-inquiry.
Who needs these habits?
Who needs to get high on drugs?
Who needs a drink to relax them?
Who needs to be entertained by the TV or the radio, or anything else?
Who needs these things?
Realizing all the time it was the ‘I’.
The ‘I’ was fooling you all of these years.
By making you believe that if you find the right mate, if you find the right guru, if you find the right book, if you find the right state to live in, right country, the right friend you will be happy.
But as we learn by experience this is not the answer.
The answer is within yourself.
You are the answer.

T. 141 Spiritual Life is Not a Bed of Roses (Empty Mind) - March 29, 1992