1.1 HOMAGE TO THE ABSOLUTE REALITY, the source and the embodiment of bliss, the supreme consciousness, here termed as She, the Mother, who is both the magnificent image of the universe and the mirror in which this dazzling reflection appears.
7.89-92 Consciousness is transcendental and is beyond all three sates of mind — waking, dreaming, and deep sleep — and is named Tripura. Though this universe is inseparable from her, it appears to be separate and the same as Visnu and Siva. Therefore you should not consider them different. They are one and the same. The entire universe is a reflection of pure consciousness. Consciousness is non-dual. Therefore, there is nothing superior or inferior.
14.43-49: The whole universe is always encompassed by light within and without. Such light is transcendental and is called the supreme Tripura, the supreme goddess. Knowers of the Vedas call her Brahman and Vaisnaivites call her Vishnu. According to Saivites, she is Siva; according to Shaktas, she is Shakti, As the image is pervaded by the mirror, this world is pervaded by the power of consciousness. All the objects in this universe are illuminated by that light. As the image of a city is not part of the mirror, similarly the universe is not part of consciousness. As an image cannot be separated from the mirror, the universe cannot be separated from consciousness. This is the glory of the real self.