" The Lady of the Universes "

If I but control my way the mind -
That massive elephant in mast
Which roams about in the chains of
The radiant prana breath that incessant circles
Long will I, this poor man, live here below,
To the praise of the wise, to wit:
''This man's yoga is verily the raja yoga,
That is dear to worlds three.''
Is any proof required for this?
Oh! Thou, Golden Swan
That is ready to bless Thy devotees
With the ecstatic fortune of worship
By titled heads in authority.
With the gift of epic poesy,
With the power of memory to chant the Four Vedas
And with the occult power to perform
The Eight miraculous Siddhis,
O, Thou who resideth in Kavai *[1]
Praised by millions in universes vast
Thou, Akilanda Nayaki!
Oh, my Mother!

[1] Refers to Tiruvanaikavu, near Tiruchirappalli.