" The Lady Great "

Catching the wind
And closing it inside a mudpot -
Unto it
Thou placed me in the body mudpot
With nine disgusting orifices,
Sore immersed in the waters of karma.
And Thou loaded it full with rice
And held it fast.
And what availed it that I jumped and frisked about
Like the frothing toddy in the leather container?
Do Thou with Thy Grace irrigate
And firm fix the plant of jnana
As a transplanted seedling,
And guard it from the destructive cattle of senses
And the fire of death
And then distribute the harvest of Siva Bhoga.
Will Thou not do it and redeem me?
Oh! Thou, Lady that gave birth
To a million, million universes vast!
Thou, who resideth in Kapilai *[1] city.
Oh! Mother Periya Nayaki!

[1] Refers to Kokarnam in Pudukottah district.