48. " The Wreath: Is There Not "

Is there not for me
A Lamp of Knowledge, O my Master!
That will dispel the thick pall of darkness
Which veiled everything from me?

49 " The Wreath: Should Thou Not "

Should Thou not have compassion for me,
When I have been adoring
All the time with folded hands
Whatever form I saw as of Thine?

50. " The Wreath: Goodly Wisdom "

Come, Wisdom Goodly!
Let us go and behold the eye-full Light
That is of limitless splendour
And is life of all life?

51. " Wreath: Mixed "

O my King! Have Thou not heard this?
Nothing there is of my doing;
The Tattvas congregated,
And constituting a sovereign territory
Danced as they willed.