O Perfection-Fullness
That came in Guru-Form,
Filled with Knowledge Supreme
And replete with Grace Divine!
Thou, who stood as undivided One!
Thou, of blemishless Form Pure!
Undiminished Being ever Thou art;
An Ocean of goodness Thou art;

Thou art the Beginning;
Thou art the End;
Thou art the bliss;
Thou art the Light;
Thou art the Truth;
Thou art the Endless Being First;

Out of Thy Divine Grace
Thou created the earth and the rest of worlds;
Out of the four birth-sources (1)
Thou created the seven life genera; (2)
And that the species may multiply,
Thou created bodies
From atom to mountain;
And Time, from moment to aeon;

And as their past Karmas deserve
Thou created the conditions for the life-mass to live
Even for awhile,
Albeit they have knowledge none of their own
And helpless they art so.

Whatever bodies in which they were born,
They are happy to be; and wish not to part;
Towards that end Thou instilled
The love instinct in them and fostered growth;
Thou make them feel
Their body is they;
Thus were they filled with ignorance
As knowledge seeming.

Thou fixed Time, Karma and Order (Niyati)
And hell and high heaven too
In impartiality to reach;

In endless love Thou established Faiths innumerable,
That they might pursue the four ends, (3)
Dharma, Artha and the rest.

And then as Guru Thou Knowledge imparted;
Each Faith contending
Their own stand as the u__l__t__i__m__a__ __t__h__u__l__e__;
And thus arose disputations and scriptures numerous

In all these Thou invariant stood
Beyond, and aloft the Faiths;
The Celestials all, and the Munis too
Their own selves they offered
Praying for Thee to accept them in Grace in return
Thus they handkered for Thee;
And Thou showed them the blemishless Jnana;

And to me who hath Jnana none,
It is for Thee to show
Thy Compassionate Grace.

[1] Egg, sweat, seed and wombs.
[2] Celestials, humans, animals, birds, reptiles, aquatic life, and plants.
[3] Virtue, Wealth, Love, Liberation.