Form It hath none;
Formlessness It hath none;
Interior It hath none;
Exterior It hath none.
Deviation from Order It hath none;
Attributes it hath none;
Qualities It hath none;
Fullness It hath none;
Fractionality It hath none;
- One It is - thus the scriptures say.

Pure It is;
Spacious It is;
Lofty It is;
The Life in Jnana Void It is;
The precious Prize sought after
By men of spiritual Knowledge It is;
To end in smoke, fire - consumed, It is not;
Destroyed in water immersed, It is not;
Wafted by wind and tossed into motion, It is not;
Killed in fight, It is not;
Of one unchanging nature It is.

Neither as 'he', nor as 'she', nor as 'it'
It is;
It moves in beauty;
None knowing Its state real.
Neither is It darkness;
Nor is It light;
All within It art contained;
The Primal One It is;

Neither Real It is;
Nor Unreal It is;
Adored by worlds all It is;
When Brahma and the rest
Losing their wits
Fell into faiths and whirled,
They in repentance begged of Grace
For the indescribable world Maya
To be dispelled;
From out of the mass of knowledge
That is Self-discarding,
Arose the Knowledge True as one;

Comprehensible It is not, as Two;
Divisible It is not into parts;
Alike It is in movables and immovables;
That which fills Eternity;
That which surpasses Thought;
That which is the Auspicious,
That which is the Bliss-embodied
That Supreme Being
Do thou seek and know.

Falling precipitous
Into the evils of youthful maiden,
Filled with vicious thoughts,
Fainting like the trapped deer
Losing firmness of speech;
And getting into the business
Of drinking the nectar of their mouths;
And listening to their sweet speech day in and day out;
And bedecking their tresses with far lands diverse,
Buzzing like striped bees
Around the lotus of their breasts,
Exulting in the tinkling music of their anklets
Listening to it in earfull cadences
The nostrils inhaling the fragrance of the fine
turmeric cosmetics,
Kissing their feet and bearing them on the head
- Thus in deep passion steeped;
Alternating between confusion and clarity
Forgetting the heavenly goal entire;
The tidal waves of Love-God swelling;

Encompassing the "love-wound",
Exciting it full with fingering
And saying "Sweet indeed is this coition"
And in the acts of pleasure swooning;
Thus in the love act daily waxing;

While the dazzle of the countenance like the moon waning;
And unto a monkey's the body in wrinkles growing;
Aging fast, disease rapid invading
Inaction setting in,
Cough persisting, intake of food diminishing;
Eyes their lustre losing;
Countenance its gleam fading,
The kith and kin outside the house
In revolt shouting;

And thus,
When the Dark Death arriveth,
Who Thine is Thy Refuge, O Heart!