Whatever comes let it come,
whatever stays let stay, what goes let go,
always keep Quiet, and always adore Self:
this is the essence of living skillfully
in the world of appearance.
During all activities of life
is to accept whatever comes
and not care about what does not come.
Things will come so enjoy them and be happy
Let the play happen by the Supreme Power;
you will be taken care of.
Be free to be happy, love has no traps.
If you are happy all will be happy,
if you suffer, all will suffer,
if your mind smells bad others will be affected.
Keep yourself happy in peace, Light, Wisdom, Consciousness
This is your responsibility.
Be happy and have compassion
and live hand and hand with nature.
This makes birth worthwhile.
Start from Heart and see that all arises from Heart.
Always do this, Always be This.