When you come to think of it,
Even Brahma and the rest of the gods are powerless to act on their own.
Even those who habitually observed a calm demeanor
And were sparing of words,
And who built up the reputation
As acme of gentle behaviour
Sometimes do fly into a temper, losing all balance
And breathing hard, indulge in sudden outbursts.

Even those who were reputed as men
That are masters of expression
Sometime miss the central point
And blabber at will.

Even those who vowed
That they would not have a wink of sleep
On the Holy Night of Siva,
Fall into a twilight sleep,
Waking and waking not.

When thus, you come to examing
The activities that go on in the myriad worlds,
Are they not really all
Of Thine own willing?

Oh! Thou who filleth all visible space
In unbroken continuity!
Thou, the Bliss that is Perfect Full