The Cosmos and the countless universes vast
Are but diverse manifestations of maya.
That maya is an illusion persistent;
This knowledge is there.

And cognizing the knowledge beyond that knowledge
Will be realized:
That the luminous orbs in directions eight
Are but the gift of Grace Divine;
And nothing but that.
That to stand here
Filled with the bliss of turiya consciousness,
Devoid of I and mine,
Is love divine.

''Nothing seen is real; all, all, false'' -
Thus contending
To sit for a moment, eyes closed, in contemplation,
Organs rendered actionless, I strive;
But the accursed karmas assail in hordes!

Will I crave for the title that
I belong to the coterie that holds
The ancient karma as decisive supreme?

Oh! Thou who filleth all visible space
In unbroken continuity!
Thou, the Bliss that is Perfect Full!