The Maya into which the elements subside
Is the origin of all, so some say. *[1]
The Substance into which the sense organs merge
Is the reality, so some say. *[2]
Where the cognitive organs, the karanas end,
Is the finite reality, so some say. *[3]

Where the gunas find their home
Is the Reality ultimate, so some say *[4].
Nadam it is, some say *[5]
Bindu it is, others say *[6].
The Self it is, yet others say *[7].
Formed it is, some say. *[8]
Formless it is, if you search deeper, so some say *[9].
The state where jiva merges losing identity in full
Is the reality, so some say *[10].
Divine Grace is the finite reality, so some say *[11].
The Void that neither beginning nor end has
Is the reality final so some say *[12].
And thus and thus yet other things they say.

By all these, except that my mind sore troubled,
Reaches a mercurial state.
Will I ever attain
The bliss of Transcendental Samadhi?
Oh! Thou who filleth all visible space
In unbroken continuity!
Thou, the Bliss that is Perfect Full!

[1] School of Niriswara Sankhya
[2] School of Pasana Vadins
[3] School of Sangranda Vadins
[4] School of Niganta Vadins
[5] School of Sabda Brahma Vadins
[6] School of Jnananma Vadins
[7] School of Ekanma Vadins
[8] School of Sivasama Vadins
[9] School of Maya Vadins
[10] School of Bhaskara Charya
[11] School of Aikya Vada Saivas
[12] School of Sunya Vadins