To have reached the state of impassivity that holds
''Let them come that come,''
''Let them go that go,''
The mind but remaining to witness them.

To have received the inspiration
For attainment of wholesome Truth
In the tradition of Vedanta-Siddhanta Equability (Samarasa);
To have been taught the wisdom's way
Of the truth of body's impermanence;
To have been gifted with a heart that melts in love
Holding that the permanent state of bliss is liberation true -
All these are but by Thine Grace.

If only Thou have a little thought yet more to protect me,
Who hold to Thee as the Refuge,
O! Thou grant me firm the continuous silentness
That the elements five comprehend not.

Oh! Thou who filleth all visible space
In unbroken continuity!
Thou, the Bliss that is Perfect Full!