Limitless indeed are the bounds of desire.
Well may they be rulers of all land.
Yet will they aspire to be master of all seas;

Well may they possess hoardes of gold
To rival heavenly midas, King Algesan,
Yet will they wander about seeking the alchemic secret
Of turning base metal into gold.
Well they may have lived a life full of years,
Yet will they pine in search of Kaya-Kalpa, the Elixir of Life;

When you come to think of all these things in depth
They but end in eating full and sleeping well.
Enough is enough!

Grant me that Mindless Pure State
Which prevents me from the restless pursuit
Of ''I'' and ''Mine''
Driving me in confusion from pillar to post.

Oh! Thou who filleth all visible space
In unbroken continuity!
Thou, the Bliss that is Perfect Full!