Visitor : Sitting in Maharaj’s presence, I had a certain bodily experience. How should I understand this?

Maharaj: In trying to understand the experience, whatever significance your words and concepts give to it will be acceptable to you. But that is not knowledge.

That is why I am not very keen to ask people to stay for any extended period of time, because if you stay long you will not be able to understand. In the course of your initial eight or ten days, whatever is somewhat understood will first have to be properly digested; until then any further talks will not be absorbed. Assuming that a person is knowledgeable, then what happens is this: having left this place , he will not be able to remain alone for long. He craves company to whom he can deliver goods of spirituality. He likes to seek out somebody with whom he can talk and discuss spirituality; otherwise he feels very unhappy. Will you feel happy and satisfied if you don’t encounter other sadhakas?

A question was asked whether it was not necessary for a serious seeker to go through this stage where one likes to dole out whatever knowledge one has, to share it with others? My answer was that this is a part of the process, but that it also must come to an end, this desire to discuss and exchange views on spirituality.

The highest state is the unborn state, in which there is no experience.