' Salutations to Babaji '

O Kriya Mulaguru Babaji, adorable Lord of compassion, salutations to You. Give us inner spiritual strength to resist temptation and melt into You, this ego, which is harder than granite or diamond. Let us always be Your chosen playmate in the wonderful game You play in all the worlds. Let us understand Your mysterious lila. Let us be a perennial channel of Your sweet love to all Your children. Utilize our body, the senses and the mind for Your unhampered play.

O hidden love ! O un-decaying beauty. Let our souls rest peacefully in You, forever & ever ! O Light of Lights! O shinning One! We live for You. We behold You in the smiles of children, in the tears of the afflicted, in our thoughts, emotions &sentiments, in the morning dew of the Himalayan landscape in the rays of the sun.

O Babaji, my Father, my All. My cave-like puja room is filled with Your sweet presence. I eat Your benign grace in my daily food. I taste Your radiant love in my daily drink. You are the ocean of love & compassion. Let our love for You become a roaring flame. Withdraw from me whatever evil there is. Fill my heart with purity, goodness, love & sublime virtues. Make me Immortal so that I may carry the Torch as You have commanded.

O Lord, reveal unto everyone of us that love, You, your enchanting form. Make us feel Your living presence and fill our hearts with love. Let us merge ourselves in You and walk in the path of righteousness. Cleanse our mind of all evil thoughts and help us to concentrate our minds on Your Lotus Feet. Embrace us and make us pure. Teach us to be still and enjoy Your magnificent vision. Illumine our minds with the light of true knowledge and make our story heart melt and flow towards You. Lord Thou art the Creator of this universe. Thou art the protector of this world. Thou art in the grass and in the rose and Thou art in the sun & stars.

Salutations unto Thee, O Bestower of joy & bliss! Sweet Lord! Let me be free from the clutches of death, let me be able to look upon all beings with equal vision and let me be free from impurity & sin. Give me strength to serve Thee and the humanity untiringly. Make me, my 'other half' and 'the third', fit as perfect instruments for Thy work and make us pure & strong. I bow to Thee, O Indweller of all hearts, O Secret of Secrets! Remove my weakness, defects & evil thoughts. Make me pure, so that I may be able to receive Thy grace & blessings.

O Lord! Thou art the thread that connects all beings. Thou pervade all, permeate & penetrate all things of this Universe. Thou art the Light Divine. Thou art the Dispeller of ignorance and Thou art the All-Merciful Lord. Give me a life without disease.

Let me remember Thee, always. Let me develop all the sublime virtues. Thou art self-luminous. Thou art my Father, Mother, Brother,Friend, Relative & Guide. Let me realize the Truth. Let me be free from greed, lust, egoism, jealousy & hatred. Prepare me as Thy sweet messenger on this earth, so that I may radiate joy, peace & bliss to the whole world. Let me utilize my body, mind & senses in Thy service and in the service of Thy creatures. Breathe into Me Thy breath of Immortality. Let me recognize the Universal Brotherhood of Man. Let me love all as my own self.

Salutations unto Thee, Babaji, O Lord of Compassion! O Adorable Lord of Compassion! Salutations unto Thee! Thou art Infinite Beauty, Joy, Bliss & Peace! Thou art Perfect, Independent & Ever-Free. Give me the spirit of sacrifice, strength & indomitable will to serve the humanity. Vouchsafe to me Thy grace & mercy. O Almighty Babaji! Thou art my Redeemer & Savior. Free me from the bondage of this body and round of births & deaths. Make me drink the nectar of immortality! O Supreme Being! Fill my heart with unflinching devotion unto Thee. Let the flame of devotion to Thee grow brighter every day! O Infinity! O Eternity! O Immortality! Free me from all sorrows, dependance, delusion, weakness & defects! Grant me equal vision, balanced mind, Divine virtues, such as courage, tolerance, forbearance, humility, mercy purity, cosmic love etc. O Omnipotent Lord! Strengthen my resolve to stick to the spiritual path and to do my daily spiritual routine vigorously & regularly. Forgive my sins. Free me from the obstacles in the path and from all temptations. Give me inner strength to resist temptations. O Indwelling Presence, Thou art the soul of my soul. Thou art Transcendental Bliss, Peace & Joy. Thou art the soul of my soul. Thou art Transcendental Bliss, Peace & Joy. Thou art the one homogenous essence. Let me be established in non-violence, truthfulness, devotion & purity. Teach me to be steadfast in my devotion unto Thee. Give me Light & Wisdom.

O Supreme Love! Salutations unto Thee. Thou art the Indweller of my heart. Give me the inner Third eye of intuition or wisdom. May Self-realization be my inexhaustible spiritual wealth, dispassion, my crown, virtuous deeds, my asset in the Divine Bank, and renunciation the jewel of my heart. Crores of prostrations unto Thee, O Kriya Mulaguru Babaji. I am Thine. Save me, protect me, guide me and enlighten me. Make me pure, perfect & free. Though Thy grace may all attain health, long life, prosperity & Self-realization?

O Adorable Lord of mercy & love. Salutations & prostrations unto Thee. Thou art Sat-Chit-Ananda*, Thou art omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient, Thou art the indweller of all beings. Grant us an understanding heart, equal vision, balance mind, faith, devotion & wisdom. Grant us inner spiritual strength to resist temptation and to control the mind, free us from egoism, lust, greed & hatred, fill our hearts with divine virtues. Let us behold Thee in all these names & forms. Let us ever sing Thy glories. Let thy name be ever on our lips. Let us abide in Thee Forever & Ever !


* - "Sat-Chit-Ananda" or "Saccidānanda" trans: "Eternal Consciousness Bliss"

From Book " The Voice of Babaji: Trilogy on Kirya Yoga "