I traveled all over India looking for a Guru. I was in the army then and so I had a superiority complex. (giggles) So, I would find a teacher and ask them if they could show me God. Then all the devotees would look at me and show me their king beards which they grew during their fifty year stay with that particular guru. They would say, "We have searched unsuccessfully for years! How do you expect to come in here with your shoes on and see God in a minute?"

Then they would push me out. What to do?
But, if you search for something so intensely that you won't even take food until you find it, then you will get what you want. So, this story ends at the feet of Ramana Maharshi. I asked him, "Can you show me God?"

He said, "No God cannot be seen, he is not an object of senses which can be seen."

"Nee Naan Bhagavan:" You-I-God
You can't see God because you are God!
How can you search for That which you are?

At that moment I had trust that I am God and this trust didn't falter and still it stays....
You have to trust what you are.