There is no sadhana better than just staying as Peace.
If you must do any practice, then do Vichar.
Joy is also a good sadhana because
it destroys mind, so always be happy.
Always think of It and be happy:
spend the rest of your life knowing
you are Existence-Consciousness-Bliss.

Some practice is better than getting lost in samsara
and is good in that it fatigues the mind,
but typical sadhana is usually important only for the ego.
All sadhana is projected by ego so it is on a sandy foundation.
This ego projection is samsara so search only for the seeker.
"I" is ego so when this meditates there are no good results.

Choice of practice depends on the choice of results.
Brahman has no attributes and is beyond mind
so no practice will take you to that: It is self revealing.
Ramana says "Simply keep Quiet for it is Here and Now."
This is the nearest practice because
Brahman is your nature.