Don't run at projections on the screen, be very wise.
Do not lose your peace at any cost.
Things will rise and fall so do not be caught!
Peace is most important, you have to be happy in lila,
no-mind-limitless-happiness with Freedom in your mind,
not problems. Here in this moment there is no problem
and daily life is within this moment, you cannot walk out of it.
Just try to invite past and future problems into this moment.
They cannot touch Here so do things of Now Now,
and do not touch yesterday or tomorrow.
Remove all becoming, you are Being.
Becoming is effort, Being is no effort.
You are always That so be like the breeze
that is attached to neither the garbage nor the garden
that it blows over.
Do not run away from worldly activities,
only always keep in the "I am Self," stay as the screen
on which all projected activities take place.
In all activities simply keep Quiet and know "I am home."
Your business is to keep Quiet!