57. The mantra "I-am-Brahman-I-am" bestows success in the realm of the Self. The mantra "I-am-Brahman-I-am" will destroy the unreality.
58. The mantra "I-am-Brahman-I-am" will destroy all else. The mantra "I-am-Brahman-I-am" will confer indescribable joy.
59. The mantra "I-am-Brahman-I-am" will remove the idea of non-Self. The mantra "I-am-Brahman-I-am" confers the Bliss of Knowledge.
60. Renouncing the seven million great mantra-s, which can only confer hundreds of millions of births, one should resort to the japa the secret in all the millions of Veda-s. Whoever hears this even once, becomes Brahman oneself.
62. That mind is fit for the supreme Liberation that is aware that He alone is the One who is the ever-blissful, the source of supreme joy, the permanent, from whom there is nothing apart, from whom have been born all the worlds, who cannot be comprehended by words or mind or the assemblage of senses or the body, who is indivisible, who is the physician for the ills of the world, and who is Isvara.

Ribhu Gita Chapter Six