by Arya Nagarjuna

Prostration to the Triple Gem!
Through each of my lives in samsaric states
Until I achieve the state of patience toward phenomena,
May I never be born in the three lower realms;
May I be born in higher realms in a human birth.
Having taken human birth in a higher realm,
May I not take birth as a sinful king or his minister.
May I not take birth as the leader of an army or an execitioner.
May I not take birth as a profiteer, liquor seller, sesame seed grinder,
thief, or male or female slave.
May I not take birth as one who dominates bikkshus,
A working monk, enforcer of evil rules,
Disciplinarian, sweeper monk, or challenger.
May I not take birth in any of these jobs.
May I not take birth in the land of savages or barbarians.
As one dumb, blind, deaf, imbecilic, or jealous,
In the castes of heretics, or those with wrong view,
In the lower castes, or as a butcher.
Until enlightenment is reached,
May I always take birth as a practitioner of the holy Dharma.
Having been born as a Dharma practitioner,
May I not be under the power of non-virtue.
With a life unhindered by illness,
May I meet the Dharma soon after birth.
Having met the Dharma soon after birth,
May I train my mind in the wisdom of study, contemplation,
and meditation.
May my mind be able to remain in single-pointed concentration,
Six consciousnesses undistracted by objects,
Developing physical power without defective limbs,
Sense organs perfect, as the object of veneration in a higher birth.
Able to accomplish all the Buddha's Dharma,
May I renounce the world as a youth and maintain morality,
Always relying on holy spiritual masters,
And gradually traverse the ten paths.
May I reach the unsurpassable essence of enlightenment.
Having attained the unsurpassable essence of enlightenment,
For all six realms beings in samsara,
Through various actions of skillful means,
May I perform the benefit of beings through the four social gatherings.

Written by Guru Nagarjuna. Translated by Venerable Lama Kalsang Gyaltsen,
Ane Kunga Chodron with the aspiration that all beings may attain enlightenment.