You are Pure Consciousness
Your true nature (existence) is beyond description.
It (existence) cannot be known with the mind, yet it exists. It is the source of everything.
You become what you believe. How powerful are the effects of beliefs. Be aware of this truth.
Know that you are (exist) before knowing anything else (concepts or experiences). Have the firm conviction that you are pure consciousness (existence). This should be done spontaneously; it is the only way.
Catch hold of the knower of the mind. If you believe your thoughts, you will be disappointed.
Be the witness of thoughts. Remain as the seer (the subject).
The world is your mind (imagined within it).
The mind is a concept and this concept is the mind - it gives birth to whatever it likes. This is its nature.
When one realizes the true nature of concepts, one simultaneously realizes 'That' (consciousness) which is without concepts.
Only mind is born, not you (existence, consciousness).
When you become stabilized in your Self, the continuous commentary of the mind will stop.
Your true state (existence) is ever-existent (since existence always exists).
Only the religion of one's true nature (an awareness of one's inner awareness) will last to the end.
True religion is the religion of the Self (existence, consciousness). It lies in searching for one's true nature and stabilizing oneself there.
Religious traditions are based on concepts. There is silence (existence, consciousness) when these concepts are given up.
The ultimate religion is a state of Self-realization - it is an unbroken and fearless state of Being (existence, consciousness).
This means to live with the conviction that we are pure consciousness (existence).