Only that mind which by practice of yoga,
having lost all its latencies,
has become pure and still like a lamp in a dome
well protected from breeze, is said to be 'dead'.
This 'death of mind' is the highest fulfillment.
The final conclusion of all the Vedas is that Liberation is nothing but mind stilled.
For Liberation nothing can avail, not wealth, relatives,
friends, karma consisting of movements of the limbs, pilgrimage
to sacred places, baths in sacred waters, life in celestial regions,
austerities however severe, or anything but a still mind.
In similar strain many sacred books teach that Liberation consists in doing away with the mind. In several passages in the Yoga Vasishta, the same idea is repeated, that the Bliss of Liberation can be reached only by wiping out the mind, which is the root cause of samsara, and thus of all misery!

Source: Advaita Bodha Deepika (3rd chapter)