"In the experience of awakening what's discovered is personal freedom. Personal freedom is freedom from everything that ever happened. It is freedom from identity being confined to the body, mind, memory, and all the ideas that we hold about ourselves. In personal freedom, one has the sense of "I am free." The "I am" has a perfume of the personal. Here, freedom refers to the "I am; later one will go beyond the "I am."
Once you're finished being enamored with your freedom from all that is personal, there arises a love greater than anything that could be called personal. The dawning of this love within the human heart seeks something far greater than anything previously experienced. It's a love that seeks liberation of the whole. In that light, personal liberation starts to seem almost petty.
The expansion from personal liberation into a far greater love and concern for that which could never be called personal is often one of the hardest things for spiritual seekers to come to grips with. This love is so big that often our self-concern and our fascination with our own liberation feels threatened. By "threatened" I mean that it makes much self-concern seem small in the face of something so much bigger.
The Love of which I'm speaking, arises directly out of a profound depth of realization. It has nothing to do with doing the right thing or being a good person. Such notions come from an egoic mind masquerading in spiritual clothing. I am speaking about a force of Love that originates from beyond the mind - from consciousness itself."