“This yoga in action is tremendously powerful. For example, if you were to continue your practice of contemplation for just fifteen minutes while walking the fruit will be the same as the fruit you would acquire if you were to continuously practice contemplation in your meditation room for two or even three years.

This is because yoga in action makes your practice of contemplation more firm, more solid, more substantial. This is why Kashmir Saivism puts stress on yoga in action, and not on that yoga which is inactive yoga. In the practice of yoga in action in madhyamzi vak you begin with silence. And when you rise from madhyama you will rise in the para state of Siva. This para state will occur, however, only when you have completed your activity.

For example, while practicing your contemplation you take a ten mile walk, five miles going and five miles coming, after which you return to your home where you sit in meditation. At this point you will enter automatically in the para state of yoga in action and this will carry you rapidly to that state of Transcendental Being.

You must enter into the para state of yoga in action automatically. You cannot make it happen. If it does not happen then you will have to begin again practicing contemplation while in action. It is the strength of yoga in action that you enter into the para state of yoga. If your contemplation while in action is spontaneous and breakless, then you will enter automatically into the para state of yoga. If, on the other hand, your contemplation breaks at any time while practicing while in action then when you sit for meditation,contemplation on para will not take place and you will have to begin again. This is called karmayoga.

When you are established in the yoga of action in para vak then after some time you have to travel from para vak to vaikhari vak. Practicing yoga in action in vaikhari wik means that you are to remain established in your own Being while talking, while laughing, while doing all of the actions of the world. This kind of yoga in action in vaikhari va'k is not possi ble unless yoga in action in madhyama' vtik and yoga in action in para vdk are complete.

The sign of their being complete is that whenever you practice yoga in action in madhyamfi vak and afterwards you sit and practice you enter into para vtik, you are inside, residing in your own Nature. Establishing yoga in action in vaikhari va'k is the completion of the course of yoga in action. Here you remain established in your own Being in all the activities of the world. It is said that Lord Krisna was perfectly established in yoga in action in vaikhari. He was very active, doing everything while remaining established in His own Nature.”