I exhort you repeatedly, to wake from your drowsiness, and by remaining ever wakeful to your spiritual concerns, see the undecaying and undeclining sun of your soul at all times.

Do not delay to enlighten your understanding, and attain your highest wisdom in the knowledge of the Supreme Being, and come to the light of truth and shun the errors of the delusive world.

You will no longer be subject to any more birth or pain, nor will you be exposed to any error or evil, if you will only remain steady in your soul by forsaking all your worldly desires.

Remain steadfast in your trust in the tranquil and all-encompassing soul of Brahman, in order to attain the purity and holiness of your own soul. Thereby you will be freed from the snare of your earthly desires, and get a clear sight of that true reality, wherein you will rest in perfect security, as if in profound sleep.

- Chapter 28