Chapter 4

37. I am without contemplation and without the absence of contemplation. I am without anything upon which to contemplate. Such a one am I. I am fuller than the full. I am perfectly full. I am all fullness. Such a one am I.
38. I am of the nature of That which transcends all. I am the Supreme Brahman. Such a one am I. I have no objectivity or characteristics to perceive. I do not merge in anything. Such a one am I.
39. I am without a measurement and there is nothing that can measure me. There is nothing for me to measure. Such a one am I. I am the seer of the world. I am without eyes or any other means of perception.
40. I am the fully-developed. I am the awakened. I am the ever-present. I am the Supreme. I am bereft of all organs. I am amenable to all actions.
41. I am satisfied with all the Vedanta. I am ever easy of approach. I am joyous and joyless. I am the fruit of all silence.
42. I am ever of the nature of Consciousness alone. I am the real and the unreal and full of Consciousness. Of whatever I am devoid, nothing in the least has been grasped by me.