' Hua Hu Ching '

58. Unless the mind, body, and spirit are equally
developed and fully integrated, no spiritual peak or
state of enlightenment can be sustained.
This is why extremist religious and ideologies do not
bear fruit.

When the mind and spirit are forced into unnatural
austerities or adherence to external dogmas, the
body grows sick and weak and becomes a traitor to
the whole being.

When the body is emphasized to the exclusion of the
mind and spirit, they become like trapped snakes:
frantic, explosive, and poisonous to one's person.
All such imbalances inevitably lead to exhaustion and
expiration of the life force.

True self-cultivation involves the holistic integration of
mind, body, and spirit.
Balancing yin and yang through the various practices
of the Integral Way, one achieves complete unity
within and without.

This manifests in the world as perfect equilibrium,
and perfect grace.