' Hua Hu Ching '

62. Do you wish to attain pure Tao?
Then you must understand and integrate within
yourself the three main energies of the universe.

The first is the earth energy.
Centered in the belly, it expresses itself as sexuality.
Those who cultivate and master the physical energy
attain partial purity.

The second is the heaven energy.
Centered in the mind, it expresses itself as knowledge
and wisdom.
Those whose minds merge with the Universal Mind
also attain partial purity.

The third is the harmonized energy.
Centered in the heart, it expresses itself as spiritual
Those who develop spiritual insight also attain partial

Only when you achieve all three - mastery of the
physical energy, universal mindedness, and spiritual
insight - and express them in a virtuous integral
life, can you attain pure Tao.