' Hua Hu Ching '

63. There are three layers to the universe:
In the lower, Tai Ching, and the middle, Shan Ching,
the hindrance of a physical bodily existence is
Those who fail to live consistently in accord with Tao
reside here.

In the upper, Yu Ching, there is only Tao: the bondage
of form is broken, and the only thing existing is the
exquisite energy dance of the immortal divine

Those who wish to enter Yu Ching should follow the
Integral Way.
Simplify the personality, refine the sexual energy
upward, integrate yin and yang in body, mind and
spirit, practice non-impulsiveness, make your
conscience one with pure law, and you will uncover
truth after truth and enter the exquisite upper

This path is clearly defined and quite simple to follow,
yet most lose themselves in ideological fogs of their
own making.