' Hua Hu Ching '

65. The interplay of yin and yang within the womb of the
Mysterious Mother creates the expansion and
contraction of nature.
Although the entire universe is created out of this
reproductive dance, it is but a tiny portion of her
Her heart is the Universal Heart, and her mind the
Universal Mind.

The reproductive function is also a part of human
Because yin and yang are not complete within us as
individuals, we pair up to integrate them and bring
forth new life.
Although most people spend their entire lives
following this biological impulse, it is only a tiny
portion of our beings as well.
If we remain obsessed with seeds and eggs, we are
married to the fertile reproductive valley of the
Mysterious Mother but not her immeasurable
heart and all-knowing mind.

If you wish to unite with her heart and mind, you
must integrate yin and yang within and refine their
fire upward.
Then you have the power to merge with the whole
being of the Mysterious Mother.

This is what is known as true evolution.