' Hua Hu Ching '

71. The transformation toward eternal life is gradual.
The heavy, gross energy of body, mind and spirit
must first be purified and uplifted.
When the energy ascends to the subtle level, then
self-mastery can be sought.

A wise instructor teaches the powerful principles of
self-integration only to those who have already
achieved a high level of self-purification and
In addition, all proper teaching follows the law of
energy response: the most effective method is always
that to which the student's natural energy most
harmoniously responds.

For one, celibacy and self-cultivation will be
appropriate; for another, properly guided dual
cultivation will derive the greatest benefit.
A discerning teacher will determine the proper balance
of practices for each individual.

In any case, know that all teachers and techniques are
only transitional: true realization comes from the
direct merger of one's being with the divine energy
of the Tao.