By focusing on the revelation of supreme Consciousness he unveils the inner Self. Thus great Shiva unfolds His prodigious game of bondage and liberation.

Abhinavagupta, Paramarthasara, Verse 33

Pratyabhijnahridayam Sutra 15 says:

Balalabhe vishvam atmasat karoti

By acquiring the inherent power of Chiti, the aspirant assimilates the universe to himself.
“The power of Chiti is endless expansion, endless abundance. That place exists within us. If we can touch it, 'We assimilate the universe to ourselves'. We live in union and ecstasy.
Meditate on the abundance of the power of Chiti, Consciousness within. Look for a place within where there is life-force, a vibration, an upliftment, an expansion. It may be hidden and faint within you, but search for it and locate that current, however slight, and be with it. See if you can coax it to become larger and stronger. Meditate for 21 minutes.”