One of the Buddha's monks, Purna, wanted to teach meditation to the Western Suner, a wild and dangerous people. The Buddha thought such an idea was overzealous but tested Purna.

"But, Purna, these are violent, cruel, and furious people. When they get angry and curse you, what will you think?"

"I shall think that they are basically kind and good although they address me with insults. And at least they don't beat me or stone me."

"But suppose they do beat you and hit you with stones, what will you think?"

"I shall think they are kind and good since at least they are not using clubs and swords."

"And if they do attack you with clubs and swords?"

"I shall still think they are kind and good for delivering me from this unfortunate body."

"Oh, very well, very well, Purna. With such perfect and saintly patience as all that you may certainly go and live among these violent people. Go, Purna - who knows, you may be able to deliver some and show them the way to freedom."

- Majjhima Nikaya