' Songs of Divine Grace '

18. Till now you have not enjoyed the full bliss.
You have been doing so much sadhana and remain stuck in your own miseries.
You are hiding the truth, because you haven’t purified yourself to be able to see it.
Your knowledge is not complete in mundane and divine life.
Then what is your intention being in this imperfect condition, what can you achieve or
else where and what can you do at the time of death?
Oh pity you don’t know yourself entirely.
Only when you know yourself, then you can expand to eternal life of bliss, from inside
outwardly with no separation, you include all.
Then only the ambrosial Gnostic body is possible.
Let all come here to understand this.
You must know who I ‘m.
I’m the son of the father of the Messengers of Grace ( arut siddhar mahan).