Chapter 3

Lord Krishna said:

In this world there is a twofold path
The path of Knowledge and the path of Action;
No one can remain actionless even for a second
The qualities force everyone to do action.

Do daily sacrifice unto the Devas
They will in turn nourish you;
Perform your duty constantly
without attachment
You will reach the Supreme.

Janaka attained perfection by action
The great man should set an example;
Then only ordinary people will follow him
Mark ! I Myself perform action though perfect.

The egoistic man thinks: "I am the doer"
In reality Prakriti does everything;
The Sage knows the qualities
and their functions
And so he is neither attached nor bound.

Have victory over likes and dislikes
They are obstructions of the path;
Destroy like by dispassion
Kill dislike by love.

Better one's own duty though devoid of merit
Than the duty of another well discharged;
Preferable is death in doing one's duty
The duty of another is fraught with fear.

Arjuna said:

O Lord ! What forces a man to commit sin
Even when he is unwilling?
There is indeed some driving force
That impels him to do this.

Lord Krishna said:

It is desire, it is anger born of Rajas
That forces him to commit sins;
Desire is transmuted into anger
When it is not gratified.

Desire and anger are your real enemies
They are all-consuming and all-polluting;
Desire dwells in the sense and the mind
It envelops wisdom and bewilders you.

Greater than the body is the sense
Greater than the senses is the mind;
Greater than the mind is the intellect
Greater than the intellect is the Lord.

Control first the sense
Kill the enemy desire;
Restrain the self by the Self
Know Him who is superior to intellect.

- From ' Essence of Gita in poems '