V.T.N.: If a person does japa of mantra without understanding its meaning or in a hurry, will it have any detrimental action or reaction on that person ?

Babaji: You must understand, my child, and you must make it clear to one and all (both in your writings and lectures, or even in casual talks) that no Divine Power would harm a devotee. The false teaching of the wrath of God must be completely got rid of. If one does japa in a hurry or without understanding the meaning, it cannot have any evil reaction, but the spiritual progress will be slow when the mantra is repeated in a hurry without bhava or faith. Even when any mantra is repeated unconsciously or hurriedly without bhava, without understanding its meaning, it produces beneficial results, just as fire burns inflammable objects when they are brought near.

V.T.N.: Satguru Deva, what are the signs that indicate that the mantra is really benefiting the sadhaka ?

Babaji: The sadhaka who practices Mantra Yoga will feel the Presence of the Lord at all times. He will feel the Divine ecstasy and holy thrill in the heart. He will possess all divine qualities. He will have a pure mind and a heart. He will feel horripilation. He will shed tears of prem(Love). He will have holy communion with the Lord.