The Lord of Siddhas, Jetsun Tilopa,
Directing his gaze toward the sky,
Said to the great pandita Naropa:

What supports the sky? On what does sky rest?
The Mahamudra of one's mind has
nothing to rest on.
If you loosen the bonds, liberation is
Remain at ease in primordial simplicity.

The nature of mind is the sky beyond
the contents of thoughts.
Remain thus at ease,
Not holding on to some thoughts,
Or pushing other thoughts away:
In true Mahamudra mind is undirected.

The unsurpassable fruition
Is simply to preserve this state.

Thus, through Marpa Lotsawa,
There will come many sky-like yogins,
Sons of the linage of the great
panditas Naro and Maitri.