Keep your attention thought free and
unconfined by mental constructs.
As your focus transcends all types of objects,
Unfixed on any mark of concreteness,
Remain quiet, tranquil and awake!
When you remain like this,
the signs of progress naturally appear,
As the clarity of consciousness
that neither arises nor ceases
And as awareness utterly free of misconceptions.
This is the awakened state found in yourself,
Not sought elsewhere but self-existing
– How Wonderful!

Since your mind has no real identity to be shown,
In a natural, uncontrived. spontaneously present state,
Remain undistracted within the sphere of nonmeditation!
Remaining like this, liberation occurs spontaneously.
This itself is the awakened state!
All phenomena of samsara and nirvana are your own mind,
And do not appear apart from this mind –
Devoid of a self-nature,
beyond thought, word, and description.
Don’t accept the pleasant or reject the awful,
don’t affirm or deny,
Make no preferences,
But remain vividly awake
in the state of unfabricated naturalness!
By remaining like this, the sign of progress is that
your body, speech and mind
Feel free and easy,
beyond the confines of pleasure and pain.
That is the moment of
understanding the awakened state!
All that appears and exists, samsara and nirvana,
arises from your own mind –
A mind that cannot be grasped,
free from center and edge.
In the natural state of vast equality,
intrinsic and uncontrived,
Remain undistracted in great effortlessness!
Whatever thought you think, it arises
as the space of wakefulness –
The Awakened One is nothing other than this.
When self-cognizant wakefulness is fully actualized,
That is what is given the name ‘buddha’!
Your mind is nonarising,
no thing whatsoever is seen.
Thoughtfree, forming no concepts, don’t follow your thinking!
So don’t affirm or deny, but remain, released in yourself!
In this state, the flow of thoughts is cut
And wisdom unfolds, drawing the line
between samsara and nirvana!
Your mind is simplicity free from ego and a self,
So remain in its self-occuring, self-subsiding state,
free from artifice!
At that moment, bliss arises from within,
The signs of progress occur spontaneously;
this is itself the awakened state!
Your mind was at first not created through causes,
And at the end will not be destroyed by conditions,
So remain effortless in
the indescribable and uncontrived state!
At that moment, the fruition is discovered
in yourself without seeking.
Apart from this you
will find no other Awakened One!

The awakened mind of enlightenment
is not created through meditation,
So, free from thinking,
without projecting or dissolving thought,
Remain with wide-open senses,
letting your thinking subside in itself!
Within this state,
your thinking spontaneously dissolves
And the wisdoms occur by themselves
without being sought.
This is itself the discovering
of the awakened state.
That which bears the name
‘awakened mind of enlightenment’
Is intrinsic, primordially self-existing
and without center or edge.
Don’t correct it but in the state that is
self-cognizant and naturally serene,
Don’t change, don’t alter, but remain,
released into naturalness!
By remaining like this,
your mind free of turmoil
Is itself the Awakened One!
The awakened state of mind is unmade,
Unsought and self-existing.
Without the effort of holding a subject and object,
Remain in the unfabricated state of natural cognizance!
By remaining in this way,
the stream of agitation
is cut and ceases;
Recognize that moment to be the Awakened One!
Leave your attention free of dualistic action,
don’t affirm or deny,
But remain in uncontrived effortlessness,
don’t accept or reject.
The awakened state is
to dwell undistractedly in that!
Leave your mind in nonmeditation,
don’t fabricate an attitude,
But, without constructing, remain
in self-existing natural cognizance!
By remaining in that state,
without casting samsara aside,
The natural dissolving of samsara’s faults
Is the wisdom of the Awakened One!
Your mind is devoid of subject and object
and is not made,
So free from effort and artifice,
don’t create anything through meditation,
But remain undistracted
in self-existing natural cognizance!
By remaining in that state,
natural cognizance is liberated.
You will never find the Awakened One
if you abandon this!
When letting go of subject and object,
the mind is not a thing to show.
Likewise, it is not to be made or corrected.
Remain in the state of equanimity,
not straying into fixation on concreteness.
Remaining undistracted from that
is itself the awakened state!
The awakened state of mind is free
From all claims to be more or less.
Unfabricated and naturally free
From the subject that accepts or rejects an object,
Don’t dwell on anything, be utterly unobstructed.
To remain in this state is itself the Awakened One!
Your mind cannot be thought of,
nor can it be observed.
It lies beyond being and not being,
permanence and annihilation,
So remain free of the meditation
on meditator and object!
When you remain undistracted from that state,
That is what is called the dharmakaya
of the Awakened One!
Leave your attention free of knower and known,
Do not fixate, but relax freely without wishing,
And remain in the state of cognizance
devoid of self-nature.
To remain unwavering from that
is itself the awakened state!
Your mind, which perceives yet is free of substance,
Cognizes without thought, is conscious yet indescribable.
Free from the movements of conceptual thinking,
Remain in that state, awake and wide-open.
To remain in this nature
is itself the awakened state!
Awakened mind is a perceiving emptiness,
An empty yet luminous cognizance.
Remain in its self-existing state,
don’t alter or correct it.
To remain unmoved from that
is itself the Awakened One!
The identity of your attention,
which consists of nothing whatsoever,
Is not to be held; neither is it to be
created or neglected in meditation.
Don’t correct or alter
its self-existing freshness,
But remain in the original state
that is spontaneously present!
Within this state, don’t let your mind waver,
Since you will never find a fruition apart from this!
Awakened mind is empty while perceiving
And likewise perceives while being empty.
An inconceivable unity
of perceiving and aware emptiness –
Remain in naturalness, undistracted from this sphere.
To remain unmoved from this
is itself the Awakened One.
The nature of your mind
is not concrete and has no attributes,
Don’t seek to fabricate or improve it,
but remain without changing or forgetting.
To remain like that is itself the Awakened One.
Your mind is inconcrete and primordially pure,
Naturally empty and uncontrived,
So remain in the state free
from meditator and meditation object.
Through this, you attain the fruition of buddhahood!
Your mind does not arise or cease,
nor does it have
Attributes of concreteness.
Empty by its nature,
its cognizance is unobstructed.
To remain unmoved from this
is itself the Awakened One!
All of you, apply these instructions in your experience!
You may compare the sutras and tantras
Of the Buddha and their commentaries,
With words in numbers
that transcend the limts of space,
But the concise meaning is included
in just these vital points.
So practice them, and hide them as treasures
in accordance with your oath!
Thus Padmasambhava spoke,
and by merely bestowing the true
essential instruction upon them,
they were all liberated and
attained accomplishment.