Once when the satsang was over, an old man was taking leave.
"It is getting late," he said, "I must be going home."
"Late indeed," agreed Anandamayi, "there you are right; but go to your real home, not to the dharmasala pilgrim hostel."
"I am not staying in any dharmasala, I have my own house here," he replied.
She shook her head and smiled: "Do you call that home? You won't be able to stay there for ever. Your days are
numbered and when your time is up you will have to leave.
I call it dharmasala.
There are rules and regulations; you may remain for a while but then you have to quit.
This body tells you to find your real home from which nobody can drive you out, which is not of this world. Dig deep and unearth your real wealth, find your real home in God, who is your own Self."