In youth, the venomous snakes of sound and sight,
Of taste and touch and smell,
Fastened on my vitals and slew my discrimination.
Alas! My heart bereft of the thought of Shiva,
Swelled in arrogance and pride!
Therefore O Shiva
O Mahadeva! O Shambho!
Forgive me, I pray, my transgressions.

Now in my old age, my senses have lost the power of proper
judgment and action.
My body is weak and senile from afflictions,
But even now, my mind instead of meditating on Shiva,
Runs after vain desire and hollow discussions.
Therefore O Shiva! O Mahadeva! O Shambho!
Forgive me I pray, my transgressions.

I bow to Him who bestows on the sages direct
knowledge of ultimate Truth.
I bow to the teacher of the three worlds,
Dakshinamurthi, the Lord Himself,
Who dispels the misery of birth and death.