O Lord of the Universe!
How lucky are your devotees,
Worthy of being adored by you.
For them, this turbulent ocean of the world
Is like a great pleasure-lake
For their amusement.

Those who delight in you
Long for nothing but to identify
With you completely.
How could worldly desires ever be requested!
For the devotees feel ashamed
Even in expressing the prayer:
"May you be revealed to me."

"Higher than Me there is nothing,
Yet even then I practice japa.
This shows that japa is but
Concentration on the Absolute Oneness."
Thus you instruct your devotees
As well as the whole world
Through your aksamala*.
In essence this is what constitutes you.

* - The Aksamala is the string of prayer beads used in japa meditation, or repetition of the mantra. Here, the unity of Shiva and the devotees is portrayed by the fact that although Shiva is to be worshiped, he is also a worshiper.