The Fourth Song

' Potent Nectar '

You are to be praised, O my mind,
For even though you waver,
You worship the protector even of the protectors,
The guru of the three worlds,
The beloved of Ambika.

Although I have gradually traversed
The steps of the various gods,
Having as support the feet of Shiva,
What a wonder it is that not even now
Do I part with this lowliest of states!

Show me the inner path!
Make disappear completely
The ways of the entire world
So that in an instant, O Lord,
I may become your servant forever.

O Shiva! Shiva! Shiva! Shankara!
O you who are kind to those seeking refuge,
Have mercy!
For blessings are not at all far away
From the memory of the pair of your lotus feet.

Lord! Reclining on the cushion of your lotus feet,
Those who create the world as they like
Laugh at Virinci (Brahma ) , who is subordinate
And who is completely smeared
With the soil of his own authority.

Nothing can shine that is separate
From the light of your form, O Lord.
Therefore, though disguised by nature,
You remain accessible.

Some people's perceptions become dulled
Because of duality.
But others taste immediately
The brilliant, unbroken body
That is free of duality.

O Lord, if that light of yours
Which is smeared with nectar
And which shines to me
Like infrequent flashes of lighting
Could be made more constant,
Then from that time my worship of you
Would also become constant
And nothing else would be required.

Just as here it is certain through great insight
That you are everything,
That there is nothing else
Either existent or nonexistent,
So, then, be abundantly evident to me!

By your own will, O Lord,
Have I set out on your path.
Why, then, do I behave like ordinary people
Instead of one worthy of you?

The sweetest emotion
Blossoms in the heart of the cataka birds
Who long enjoy that blissful experience
When they hear the rumblings of clouds.

Just through your grace
Has this enjoyment increased.
So even when the devotees
Are in a state of separation
Just the mention of you gives rise
To the remembrance of that joy of union.

He who utters the name of Shiva
Hundreds and hundreds of times
Grows great through the showering
Of the sweet, sublime nectar.
The marvelous power of this world
Enter even into the hearts of fools.

And that word, which flows like honey
From a nectar-crescent of the moon,
And causes the highest nectar to flow -
That is the sound of Shiva.
Blessed are they who have this sound
Ever on their lips.

This terrible world is about to be ended.
The deep stain of my mind has melted away.
Still the gates of your city
Are bolted shut
And do not unlatch even slightly.

Ardently I desire to behold
You ever-blossoming lotus face.
O Lord, may you appear to me,
Howsoever faintly,
Face to face.

There is no other happiness here in this world
Than to be free of the thought
That I am different from you.
What other happiness is there?
How is it, then that still this devotee of yours
Treads the wrong path?

If I do not continuously sip, with affection,
The wine of the nectar of harmony with you,
Then for a moment I will not be a fitting
Receptacle for your realization.

In truth, this person doesn't see
Even the slightest image of your form,
His mind sullied
By the sense of duality.
Even though you are omniscient
And show kindness to your followers
Why do you not hear this cry of mine?

Do you remember, O Lord,
That I ever sought after worldly pleasures
Or ever beseeched you for any of them?
Always greatly desired is the nectar
That comes from beholding your form.
That, oh grant me!

No sooner had I set foot
On the path of Shiva
Than, through your will,
Hundreds of auspicious things arouse for me.
What else could I possibly ask of you, O Lord?

Where the sun, the moon, and all others stars
Set at the same time,
There rises the radiant Night of Shiva,
Spreading a splendor of its own.

O Lord of the Gods!
Without the taste of nectar from touching your feet,
Even gaining sovereignty in the three worlds
Holds for me no savor at all.

Alas, O Lord, this knot of the soul
Prevents your realization.
But fashioned and concealed by you,
That knot is strong indeed -
So strong that, disregarding you,
It slackens not a bit.

O Lord of the Gods!
You are an object of incessant worship
By the great ones,
But are yourself a worshiper.
Here in this world
You are an object of vision
From both within and without,
But are yourself a seer.