The Fifth Song

' The Command of Powers '

Carry me into your abode, O Lord -
I, who, through the touch of the Guru
Have become attached
To the pleasure of the touch
Of your lotus feet.

The hair on my head glistens
With color from the dust of your lotus feet;
When shall I begin to dance
The dance of ever-impetuous delight?

O Lord! You are my only Lord!
I perpetually beseech
That I would sooner be made a mute
And dwell within you
Than become wise in any other way.

"O Lord! Ocean of Nectar!
O Gleaming Three-eyed One!
O Sweet One even of the Monstrous Eyes!"
Let me cry and dance
Exclaiming all this with joy.

With my eyes closed
At the touch of your lotus feet,
May I rejoice,
Reeling with drunkenness
From the wine of your devotion.

May I dwell somewhere in a glen
Of the mountain of your consciousness
Where lies the uninterrupted state
Of your sublime bliss.

May I live in that sanctuary, O Lord,
Where, taking many forms,
You reside with Devi
From the palace up to the city gates.

O Lord, may the rays
Of your brilliance beam steadily
Until the lotus of my heart opens
To worship you.

Grant, O Lord,
That I fall at your feet always
And find such delight there
That even my mind becomes intoxicated
And dissolves in bliss.

Whether through immense joy or through anguish,
Whether from on a wall or in an earthen jug,
Whether from external objects or from within,
Reveal yourself to me, O Lord!

So cool is the nectar
From the touch of your lotus feet!
May that always stream through me,
Within and without.

Plunging into the ambrosia-lake
Of touching your feet
Is ever for me a pleasure
Beyond all pleasures.

Accept false enjoyment and the other limitations
That I offer unto you, O Lord.
Having transformed them into immortal nectar,
Enjoy them together with the devotees.

Contended with your meal
Of the entire world,
Be comfortably seated;
Then bestow on us, your devotees,
Your blessings and your blissful glance.

With my eyes closed,
Relishing the wonder of inner devotion,
May I worship even the blades of grass thus:
"Homage to Shiva, my own consciousness!"

Having seen the world as consisting of your nature
And having realized the pleasure
Of your nondual form,
Still may I never part
With the enjoyment of the spirit of devotion.

O Lord, since you and you alone
Have no wish that is fulfilled,
Then the fulfillment of your nonduality
Is more than sufficient.

May I attain that state
Where one laughs, one dances,
One does away with passion and hatred
And other such things,
And where one drinks
Of the sweet nectar of devotion.

May the extraordinary fragrance
Of the blossom of your remembrance
Become fixed in my heart
Until the stench of foul impressions fades away.

O Lord, enlighten my heart!
Help me to discriminate between
The base delight in false enjoyments
And the superior delight in your lotus feet.

Although I roam about in the states of Yoga
And am not caught up in the worldly affairs,
I would rather that my heart tremble,
Intoxicated with the wine of your remembrance.

In speech, in thought,
In the perceptions of the mind,
And in the gestures of the body,
May the sentiment of devotion be my companion
At all times, in all places.

Shiva! Shiva! Shiva!
Thus is performed the worship
Of constantly repeating your name.
O Lord, may I continue to taste the sweetest nectar,
Which is never repetitious.

May I live, worshiping you
In the world made of
Pulsating, endless, consciousness,
Along the path where
All unconsciousness has been dispelled,
In the city made of
Your unfathomable, extraordinary consciousness.

"Nothing at all is of use
For becoming firmly established, shining manifest,
Eternally in one's own form."
May this thought take deep root in me,
Purified by the dust of your lotus feet.

When I touch the soles of your feet,
It sometimes flashes in my mind
That this whole world
Has merged into a lake of nectar.
Lord! Grant this to me always.