The Sixth Song

' Tremblings along the Journey '

Separated from you
Even for an instant, O Lord,
I suffer deeply.
May you always be the subject of my sight.

Even if I am separated
From the world of samsara
May I not be separated from you,
My beloved.

Wherever I go with body, speech, and mind,
Everything that there is, is you alone.
May this highest truth indeed
Become perfectly realized within me.

O Lord! Offering you prayers,
May my speech become just as you are:
Beyond all distinctions
And filled with the highest bliss.

From the experience of union with you
Let me wander about
Free of every need and desire
Filled with absolute joy
Seeing all of creation as you alone.

O Lord, may I perceive the whole world
As filled with you
So much so that I, too,
Be completely satisfied:
Then, no longer will you be bothered
With my entreaties.

Just as cloud droplets are absorbed in the sky,
So are the various constituents of the universe
Absorbed in you;
May they always shine visibly for me
As I proceed through the stages
Of spiritual growth.

From the center of the world
Let there be visible to me
Your magnificent jewel
That dispels the depths of darkness
With its radiant luster.

On what site do you not dwell?
What exists that does not exist in your body?
I am wearied!
Therefore let me reach you everywhere,
Without difficulty.

O Lord, may I realize at will
The bliss of embracing your form.
Having attained that,
What have I not accomplished!

Be Visible, O Lord!
We do not trouble you with other requests.
Anguished, we chase after you.