The Seventh Song

' Victory over Separation '

Having found harmony in your sea of bliss
May my heart be rid of this sorry state
Of disharmony
Once and for all.

May the axe of faith
In the oneness of your form
Fall on the firm root
Of false attachments, hatred,
And the other bonds that become manifest as
"This is mine, this is not mine."

O Lord, may the chain of the stigmas
Of contradiction perish.
May absolute freedom flash forth in my heart.
May the image made of consciousness
Be flooded with the nectar of bliss.

I toss within the egg
Of the world infested with false attachments.
Like a mother, may the devotional sentiment
Nourish me with the sweet essence of bliss
So that I may develop into a bird
With mighty wings.

Acquiring the skill to taste the sweet nectar
Derived from worshiping your feet,
May these longings of my mind
For the poison of sense objects
Be destroyed in their entirety.

Having been touched
By the sunbeams of your devotion,
Let this heart-crystal of mine
Shoot forth the blazing sparks of the passions,
Eradicating them completely.

Forever may I sing my praises
Loudly to you,
Located in that place where Hari,
Haryavasa, and Virinca are waiting outside.

With the restless joy
Born of the rapture of devotion
May I perceive , entirely through the senses,
The whole world in the form of Shiva
And every action to consist of worship.

May my mind be wedded to devotion,
And through that union
May children be born
In the form of anima and the other powers.
May they mature
So as to strengthen my feeling that
"All these are mine."